Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® 

A unified philosophy and methodology for developing embodied wisdom to live, lead, and love transformational. It blends physiology, psychology, neurobiology, embodiment, and the wisdom traditions to transform tough challenges & major crises… as fast as humanly possible

A Code & Map of Transformation

From Self To Systems

We have worked for over 30 years, as an unalloyed labor of love, to understand transformation in human beings and the communities, organizations, and systems we co-create—and how to reduce the pain of change and accelerate the process.

All our programs, courses, tools, and content are powered by the results of this work: a brain-based yet heart-led pathway, toolkit, and practice-set to empower you to master transformation in life, love, leadership, and society.
Over 30 years in the making, Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® is a cohesive, coherent, and comprehensive methodology for rapidly and effectively transforming our toughest problems in life, love, leadership, and human societies/systems.
At the level of everyday life and leadership problems, BTTP contains a step-by-step pathway and set of practical exercises to help you transform: chronic emotional pain and trauma, persistent negative thoughts, stress and overwhelm, personal and family crises, relationship breakdowns, and major leadership challenges. Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® gets every part of your one ‘bodymind’ working together to make change happen for you as fast as humanly possible.
At the level of long-term adult, career, and leadership development, BTTP contains a developmental framework and lifelong learning approach that seeks to accelerate and amplify your natural evolution as an individual towards ever-higher degrees of transformational capability—by accelerating the development of both your cognitive complexity and embodied wisdom—so you can take on and solve evermore complex problems in your life, family, community, organization, and system.
At the level of teams and organizations, BTTP contains a pathway and toolset for resolving intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts, confusions, and breakdowns that are blocking necessary business transformation and organizational change, enabling you as a leader to break through the barriers that are stopping you and your organization from finding a more adaptive and future-forward set of business models, structures, strategies and team cultures.
At the level of systems and societies, BTTP contains a detailed, human-centric analytical framework for understanding the dynamics of change in a society and the potential optimal states of a system as it adapts to evolutionary pressures and becomes more complex and regenerative; how and why barriers to inevitable and necessary adaptive changes are arising (usually a complex mix of historic trauma, diminishing addictions, outdated belief systems, conflicting values, archaic processes, obsolete regulations and legal frameworks, and outmoded structures); and how you as a systemic/societal leader can unleash transformation across networks from the inside out—starting with changing yourself.

An Evolutionary, Biodynamic & Regenerative Approach

Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® sees us human beings—and the teams, organizations, communities, and societies we co-create—as complex, living, adaptive systems rather than as mechanistic machines and linear algorithms.

Complex and adaptive living systems do not change like machines or lines of code do. Our messy but brilliant human biologies are alive: constantly sensing, seeking, and adapting in real time.
We evolved a highly-tuned and extraordinarily complex physiology and psychology that allows us to adapt to emerging ecological pressures and changes in our environment so we both survive and thrive in constantly-shifting systems. All species, all people, all organizations, and all societies evolve over time in a dynamic interplay with nature.
Therefore we cannot master the change of human beings or human systems without understanding, as best we can, how biologies—hearts, minds, nerves, emotions, beliefs, habits—change. BTTP unifies the best of specific and focused disciplines into a broad theory and philosophy for change.

Working At 4 Levels In Self & Systems

As complex living systems are “fractal”, so is BTTP: it can be used at any level of magnification to accelerate necessary change—from individual problems to societal challenges. The 4th “gem” of BTTP enables us to master transformation across the four essential levels of all human development: felt senses/harmonics, emotions/culture, beliefs/strategies, behaviors/processes.

Behaviors & processes/protocols: BTTP draws on heuristics research, behavioral economics, behavioral psychology, sociology, anthropology, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT), cultural anthropology, rapid-change coaching, growth hacking, commercial advertising/mass behavior change, and persuasion research to help you break destructive habits, rewire nervous systems and social systems, redesign life, leadership, and systemic behaviors—turning inspiration for change into concrete action.
Beliefs & strategies/policies: BTTP draws on brain research, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, continental philosophy, linguistics, psychotherapy, evolutionary theory, mind reprogramming, hypnotherapy, deep ecology, ethnography, indigenous wisdom, narrative theory, story editing, systems thinking, complexity science, regenerative design, design thinking, and mass mindset change to help you and your people relinquish outdated assumptions, break through disempowering and obsolete beliefs, and re-invent language patterns, stories, strategies, and plans to forge the future
Emotions & culture: BTTP draws on affective (emotional) neuroscience, emotional intelligence, interpersonal neurobiology, wisdom traditions (Zen, Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Dzogchen, Taoism, Shamanism, Ife, Stoicism etc.), Imago Relationship Therapy, attachment theory, art and sound therapies, voice dialoguing, yoga philosophies, and flow research to help you transform persistent moods (anxiety, stress, depression), build confidence, courage and conscious awareness, and repair relationships with others so everyone can flourish
Felt senses & systemic harmonics: BTTP draws on interoceptive science, somatic practices and trauma therapies (yoga, shamanism, movement medicine, tantra, breathwork, meditation, brainspotting, craniosacral therapy), embodied cognition theories, psychedelic research, elite sports coaching, and transpersonal therapy to help you transform trauma, heal wounds, and reorganize around interconnection and collective coherence.

A Theory, Method & Set of Embodied Practices

Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® is woven from the very best knowledge that science has to offer unified with insights into human consciousness that science was not designed to provide—from the great wisdom traditions, therapies, and coaching.

BTTP purposefully brings together the latest science of brain networks, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, complex systems, and affective neuropsychology; and meticulously triangulates it with essential wisdom from Eastern and Western philosophies, contemplative sciences, and indigenous wisdom.
As it is focused on making positive, breakthrough, lasting change happen fast, BTTP contains a suite of change ‘hacks’ from fast-growth entrepreneurship, social activism, mass mindset and behavior change (e.g. advertising and behavioral economics), performance and breakthrough coaching, and disruptive innovation—as well as many embodied practices for rewiring and reorganizing the body from trauma therapies, healing modalities, and mindfulness/meditation and movement disciplines.
With over 90 organizational transformation tools and 40 individual leadership and wisdom practices, Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® supports positive change at any scale. 

The 7 Gems of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

BTTP contains 7 elemental and potentially life-changing—world-changing—’lenses’ for mastering transformation in human biologies and systems. Together, they can help you on your journey of mastering the science, craft, and wisdom of being truly transformational.

The 7 gems help you making lasting change happen fast. They can be applied inside an intimate relationship, a family unit, a project team, a company culture, or an entire social system. They explicitly connect the work of personal development to the work of organizational, systemic, and societal development: making positive change happen in the world, whether in your family, community, or enterprise, or society. They work in any endeavor that involves human beings and their wonderfully complex, sophisticated, and messy physiologies and psychologies.

The 7 Steps of The Transformation Curve™

To change ourselves and our organizations/societies most elegantly, easily, and effectively, it is crucial to understand the way people and organizations change over time. We have identified a characteristic path that describes the journey towards sustained change towards more adaptive states in individuals and systems.

The 7th “gem” of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® provides a proven pathway for personal transformation, organizational change, disruptive innovation, and societal/systemic transformation: the 7 Steps of the Transformation Curve.
This J-Shaped curve appears to be the archetypal blueprint of transformation in any human experience. By understanding it, and mastering its form and function, you can lead transformation in any area of your life or work.

The History & Development of BTTP

The co-creators of BBTP, Nick Seneca Jankel and Alison McAulay, have spent a decade fusing the results of their own lifelong attempts to crack the code of transformation.

Nick Jankel is a Cambridge-educated former medic, philosopher of science, disruptive innovation expert, leadership theorist, and TV transformation coach (BBC, MTV). 
Alison McAulay is a former US elite gymnast and Hollywood choreographer, trauma therapist (craniosacral therapy), yoga teacher, and embodied leadership expert.
As business partners, life partners and parents, they have codified BTTP—evolving and unfolding as it is—into a new ‘school’ of human development that integrates materialist science with timeless wisdom and focuses it on driving real world change.

Experience Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® In Action

As well as consulting, writing, and providing thought leadership around BTTP, we currently offer two major programs that teach you how to use BTTP in real life and in leadership.

Master Transformational Leadership: Confidently and consciously lead your people, organization, and system towards a flourishing future.
Master Transformational Living: Metabolize the problems you face—that cause suffering, stress, and stuckness—into breakthroughs that ensure you thrive not despite your challenges but because of them
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