The Switch On Experience

Our trailblazing transformational workshop unites cutting-edge science with the most profound wisdom within a proven pathway for changing anything about you & your life for good

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Experience connection/love/enlightenment and use it to heal suffering and liberate your creativity so you can flow in the life you want.

During the workshop you can have a tangible breakthrough with a major life problem – whilst you learn the essential process, tools and wisdom practices you need for a thriving future.

Live without limits.

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Life-Changing Benefits Of The Program

Experience infinite connection and fall in love with yourself and the world

Let go of Stress, Overwhelm & Anxieties that block your happiness

Heal your own pain and release any fear to find and feel peace

Break Old Habits and Create new ones that build a conscious, connected and deeply happy life

discover and deepen daily wisdom practices to keep you switched on

have the tools you need to thrive in tough times so nothing can stop you again

“My life began with this workshop.”

Workshop Participant, China

A Workshop Like No Other

Cutting-Edge Science & Profound Wisdom

Rich wisdom talks sharing big ideas, cutting-edge science and important spiritual and philosophical insights to expand your consciousness, awaken your potential and shift your mindset fast

Life-Changing Practical Tools & Techniques

Powerful transformation tools and techniques codified into templates that everyone can use in the workshop and for the rest of their lives to make even the hardest change happen

Supportive Group Circles

Enjoy the life-changing power of small groups of awakening individuals talking, guiding and supporting each other to amplify and accelerate transformation within – these also enable you to shift the nature and experience of your relationships fast

Heart-Opening Musical Meditations & Unifying Dance Experiences

Epic music, guided meditations and enlivening movements designed to bring to life transformation deep into your mind and body – ranging from deep stillness and tranquility experiences to ecstatic dance, movement medicine and full celebrations of life

Powerful Wisdom & Embodiment Practices

From shamanic practices to voice dialoguing and from dynamic meditation to ecstatic dance, learn how to turn ideas into lasting change in your biology. Rewire yourself from the inside out – breaking old habits and forging new ones within your nervous system

Peer-Powered Coaching

Leverages smart yet simple tools to harness the innate capacity of every aware person to hold space for others to have breakthroughs with compassion and clarity

And Ongoing Online Support To Integrate

Breakthroughs Into Everday Life

“I told my Mom I loved her for the first time!”

Workshop Participant, USA

The Creators & Facilitators

Alison McAulay & Nick Jankel fuse feminine power and masculine potency to engage and connect.


Alison McAulay

A former US elite gymnast, contemporary dance teacher, turned craniosacral therapist, yogi, thought leader, author and pioneer in life and leadership transformation - always with an embodiment edge.
Nick Jankel Wisdom Teacher

Nick Seneca Jankel

An award-winning, Cambridge-educated scientist, Nick is a thought leader, bestselling author, practical philosopher, professional speaker and pioneer in human transformation. He reunites science and wisdom but never with any Woo Woo.

“Transformational and Transcendent.”

Workshop Participant

Twenty-five years in the making, our rigorous cutting-edge methodology reunites science & wisdom into a proven pathway of love, learning and liberation.