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Your time is limited. Your life shouldn’t be. These short and powerful videos will help you change within, one day at a time.

Learn how to thrive by transforming old emotions & beliefs with guided meditations and visualizations.

Release into peace. Then rise to thrive.

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“So quick but so powerful. The teacher’s gentle yet powerful voice and simple instructions were a joy. And I’m still doing some of the meditations myself.”

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A Revolutionary E-Learning Experience

Powerful Meditations

We have distilled the essence of our work into a series of carefully designed, active meditations and visualizations that you can slot into a short window of time in your day.

Breakthrough Journey

The course will take you through our proven transformational journey in your own time and your own space in just 5 or so minutes a day.

Transformation Hacks

In each c.5 minute video, co-founder of Switch On, Nick Jankel, will guide you with an inner practice that can help you overcome stress, career issues or relationship woes.

Digital Ease

Once you have completed the 21 days you can revisit the meditations as and when you like on your phone, tablet or computer – and so develop a transformational practice to help you become ever more conscious, connected and creative.

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Core Benefits

Learn how to approach everyday problems with confidence, calm, creativity and connection
Experience how to shift your mind and body in the moment to have a breakthrough
Learn how to identify – and then release – big emotions like anger or fear
Talk to yourself in a kind, wise and empowering way
Find out how to feel power and resolve within and to stay relaxed as we make bold changes
Learn how to feel connected to yourself, others and the world no matter what is going on around you

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