transform yourself.
transform our world.

Our comprehesive brain-based yet wisdom-inspired transformation methodology—Bio-Transformation Theory®—can help you change yourself… and your relationships, communities, and organizations.

Our Transformation Methodology Works Across 4 Domains


Personal transformation, embodied wisdom, conscious change, and healing

Your Relationships

Enlightened relationships, embodied intimacy, conscious parenting and transformational teams

Your Organization & System

Transformational innovation, business transformation,regenerative business models, and systemic change

Your Leadership

Transformational leadership, leadership purpose, conscious leadership, and ethical storytelling

Our Open Programs

We welcome individuals and leaders on our open programs that have been painstakingly designed to generate concrete change through conscious transformation.

Transform Your Trauma

Heal your pain and suffering at will. Learn our brain-based method for healing your own pain and transforming trauma. Reconnect, release, and renew!


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Master Systemic Transformation

Master how to structure your organization to galvanize agility without losing stability; and deliver purpose as well as profit, in these unpredictable times.


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Master Transformational Innovation

Master how to create and execute transformational innovations that are highly-profitable yet leave the world a better place.


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The Transformational Life Reboot

Never be stuck, stressed, or suffer again. Create the transformational life you deserve. Inner peace. Life purpose. Limitless power.


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Build A Transformational Organization

Take the pain out of leading business transformation by mastering how to structure your organization to galvanize agility without losing stability.


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Master Transformational Relationships For Partners & Parents

Heal your relationship wounds and master the communication and transformation tools you need to ensure all your relationships are conscious, generative, and intimate.


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Activate Transformational Teams

Build transformational teams and master the transformation tools you need to maximize collaboration, creative flow, and agility.


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Master Transformational Leadership

Future-proof your career, your organisation, and our world by mastering the science and wisdom of transformational leadership.


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Books That Transform

We publish books designed to enlighten, empower, and enable conscious transformation in all areas of life and work

Now Lead The Change

By Nick Seneca Jankel


Future-proof your career, organization, and our world by mastering the suprising science and deep wisdom of transformational leadership—so you can adapt yourself and your enterprise to survive and thrive the dramatically-changing world


This book inspires ambitious, next-level leaders to take charge of change by unleashing the agility, adaptability, creativity, and consciousness of themselves and their people. By shifting from fighting and being fearful of rapid change, to embracing and metabolizing it to create exponential value within their enterprise, this book provides the tools for transformational leaders to master their potential.

Our cutting-edge and comprehensive guide to human transformation, all wrapped up in a brilliant read.

Galvanize agility without losing stability to survive and thrive in the digital, disrupted, and damaged world.

A quest to unite science and wisdom into a radical new life philosophy to thrive in the digital age.

Transform in your own space & time

Our powerful peer-to-peer coaching toolkits have been designed over 15 years to empower you to transform quickly with a friend, colleague, or partner—without the usual costs and in your own space and time

The Personal Transformation Toolkit

Connect with a friend to transform life, love, or stress challenges without the usual cost of coaching


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The Mindsets of Transformational leadership Toolkit

Boost your leadership agility, creativity, and adaptability with our “plug-and-play” toolkit


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Keynote Speaking

Nick Jankel is a highly sought-after and accomplished international keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to forge the future in a digital, disrupted, and damaged world.


As a futurist, leadership theorist and transformation catalyst at the pinnacle of thought leadership, Nick has advised and accelerated many ambitious organizations such as Novartis, HSBC, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Nike, No.10 Downing Street, Zalando, Genentech, Google, Roche, Diageo, Intel, Lendlease, P&G and the BBC.


Our Organization Consulting Service

Forge the future, don’t fail it: ensure your organization thrives in the disrupted, digital, and damaged world by unlocking the power of transformation in products, processes, and people

Transformational Leadership

Take charge of change by developing transformational leaders who can land outstanding results and long-term adaptation and transformation


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Transformational Innovation

Don’t wait for rapid change to make you irrelevant. Our transformational innovation programs ensure that you stay ahead of the rest with market-leading innovations that keep you match fit for the future

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Transformational Change

Take the pain out of accelerating business transformation with our programs and concrete interventions designed to ensure you future-proof your organization optimally


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The Switch On Podcast

Listen out for our new podcast series designed to provide you with ideas, insights, and creative dialogues on how to transform yourself and transform our world.

The Switch On App

The hardest task in life, love, and leadership is to transform ourselves. We believe digital technologies like AI can help.


Our app is being developed to harness cutting-edge tech to deliver the power of our Bio-Transformation Theory® tools and practices into the micro-moments of life. Enjoy a transformation guru in your pocket to enlighten, empower, and enable you to live and lead at your full potential.


Master Bio-Transformation Theory® Practitioner Training

For coaches, facilitators, and therapists who want to sharpen their tools and deepen their understanding of the emerging science and profound wisdom of transformtion.


Join us to deep-dive into our sophisticated, cohesive, and science-driven transformation methodology, process, tools, and practices: Bio-Transformation Theory®

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