If change was easy, none of us would have any emotional pain or lasting problems. We would not struggle with inequality, climate change, and political conflict as a society.


But lasting change in ourselves and our systems isn’t easy, which is why we have spent decades developing our brain-based and heart-led transformation methodology: Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®.


We offer profound programs, keynotes, coaching kits, and content to help you transform even the most challenging problems in life, love, and leadership.

Are our keynotes, books, coaching kits, and transformation programs a fit for you?

We are a co-creative partnership between Alison McAulay & Nick Jankel. As well as raising kids together, we share a vision of a society and planet regenerated by the power of individual and collective transformation.


We have spent a combined 45 years studying and practicing how to lead change in ourselves and others—from medicine and trauma therapy to coaching and embodied wisdom—to find the most effective tools and ideas for change. The result of this relentless search is our methodology: Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®.


If you have the courage to own your career, relationship, and leadership potential—and are ready to go deep to find limitless peace, purpose, and possibility—then this could be the right place for you.


Our Latest Book: Now Lead The Change

Repurpose your career, future-proof your organization, and regenerate our crisis-hit world by mastering Transformational Leadership

By Nick Seneca Jankel
“A contemporary leadership masterpiece. An elegant work of leadership art.” Greg Thomas, CEO

Transform at your own pace and with your peers with our Transformation Toolkits


Our powerful peer-to-peer coaching toolkits have been designed over 15 years to empower you to change things for good with a friend or partner—without the usual costs of coaching or healing sessions.


The toolkits provide you with a safe framework, weekly coaching sessions, tools and practices, and goal achievement to land concrete change in specific life challenges.

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Go Deep With Our Transformational Mastery Programs

Join us on one of our Mastery Programs: painstakingly designed to generate concrete change through conscious transformation.
Each program is a stand alone deep-dive. Yet they also work together as an entire curriculum on living, loving, and leading transformationally.

Master Transformational Living

Never feel stuck, stressed, or suffer again. Learn how to heal your own emotional pain and suffering. Discover how to presence inner peace and profound purpose with embodied wisdom. Make lasting conscious changes in your life.
Release into peace. Rise to thrive.
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Master Transformational Relationships

Heal your past relationship wounds to regenerate your current relationships. Master the communication and transformation tools you need to ensure partnerships, collaborations, friendships, and teams are conscious, generative, and intimate.
Connection. Compassion. Community.
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Master Transformational Leadership

Re-purpose your career. Future-proof your organisation. Play your full part in regenerating our crisis-hit world. Master the insightful actions and embodied wisdom of transformational leaders.
Purpose. Consciousness. Systemic Change.
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Transformational Leadership In Your Organization


Bring our Master Transformational Leadership program and curriculum into your organization.


Clients include HSBC, Boots-Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Zalando, Unilever.

Top Motivational Keynote Speaker


Nick Jankel is a highly sought-after and accomplished international and professional keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to forge the future in a digital, disrupted, and damaged world.


As a top motivational speaker, futurist, and transformation catalyst at the pinnacle of thought leadership, Nick has advised and accelerated many ambitious organizations such as Novartis, HSBC, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Nike, No.10 Downing Street, Zalando, Genentech, Google, Roche, Diageo, Intel, Lendlease, P&G and the BBC.


Wisdom & Wellbeing Talks


Nick Jankel is a respected and nuanced contemporary wisdom teacher who has spoken all over the world about his scientifically-grounded approach to conscious living, practical enlightenment, and embodied wisdom.


Through his TV shows, books, and talks Nick has reached over 5 million people from Los Angeles to Shanghai. He has spoken at Aspen Ideas Festival, TOA, Alternatives, Hay House Radio, Talks@Google, Conscious Life Expo (LA), TEDx, BBC Radio 1, Rebel Wisdom, Wilderness Festival, Science & Non-Duality (SAND), Mind Body Spirit Festival, and Science of Consciousness

Free Transformation Tools to get you started


The Switch On Podcast

Listen out for our new podcast series designed to provide you with ideas, insights, and creative dialogues on how to transform yourself and transform our world.

The Switch On App

The hardest task in life, love, and leadership is to transform ourselves. We believe digital technologies like AI can help.


Our app is being developed to harness cutting-edge tech to deliver the power of our Bio-Transformation Theory® tools and practices into the micro-moments of life.

It will be like having a transformation guru in your pocket to enlighten, empower, and enable you to live and lead at your full potential.


The Home of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

Our methodology is grounded in the profound wisdom of love/connection so you can heal the deepest pain and traumatic experiences—and embody those breakthroughs in everyday life.

Our methodology is passionately driven by the latest science—particularly neurobiology and neuropsychology—so you can make concrete changes as fast as humanly possible.

Our methodology explicitly connects personal transformation with global social justice and ecological regeneration so your purpose can shine out and make the difference.

Master Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® Professional Training

For coaches, facilitators, healer, yogis, and therapists who want to sharpen their tools and deepen their understanding of the emerging science and profound wisdom of transformation.


Join us to learn the process, tools, and practices of our sophisticated, cohesive, and science-driven transformation methodology: Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®.

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