About Us

We are a purpose-led boutique leadership consultancy that evolved out of the fusion of a breakthrough innovation agency with a human development enterprise. We are committed to a world better led, a world wiser led, for a regenerative future.

All our work is focused on driving transformative change so leaders, teams, and organizations flourish in today’s relentless uncertainty, chaos, and complexity—and so can accelerate the development of a socially-just, sustainable, prosperous, and regenerative future for us all.

In response to growing business challenges derived from the radically-changing world—as well as ecological damage and social disruptions—over the last 23+ years we have developed game-changing solutions to the most intense and important challenges that leaders face.

This has driven restless innovation in the leadership space to evolve pioneering leadership, innovation, and systemic change programs—as well as on-demand courses, toolkits, and books—that are built upon our own theory, Bio-Transformation®. Our method is powered by the latest brain, behavioral, and complexity science combined with practices and wisdom from the contemplative traditions.

    “Use their unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. Their ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”


Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Innovation

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“A compendium of insight on growth and development.”

The Times

We Support & Serve Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Changemakers

We have designed and delivered over 100 strategic innovation programs and systemic change processes for Fortune 500 companies and major institutions.

 We have worked with over 100,000 leaders, developing their capabilities to lead and land transformation with our coherent and cohesive “Cell to System™” curriculum and  toolkits.

We don’t do ‘training’. We do transformation!

“Truly inspirational, thought-provoking, and incredibly helpful.”


Project Lead for Change, National Health Service

25 Years Experience Across All Sectors

Using our unique brain-based methodology—Bio-Transformation®—we have worked with enterprises like:

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


Our Founders

Originally set up in 2005, by Nick Jankel, we are now a wife-and-husband management team—supported by Associates and Experts.

Nick Jankel: Lead On Theory, Content & Toolkits

Keynote Speaker & Thought Leader
Transformational Leadership & Innovation Theorist & Practitioner
Executive Coach & TV Coach
Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

Alison McAulay: Lead On Practices, Wellbeing
& Circles

Transformational Leadership Theorist & Practitioner
Executive Coach
Trauma-Led Therapist
Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation®

“An amazing experience. Very, very good feedback from our leaders.”



Our “Cell To System” Curriculum

With 100+ innovation projects and 200+ learning and leadership programs under our belt—and having worked with over 100,000 people on transformation from San Francisco to Shanghai—we have pieced together a cohesive and comprehensive “Cell to System” Curriculum for becoming a truly transformational leader.

“Brilliant theory and insights on transformational leadership.”

SVP, Pfizer

Bio-Transformation®: Our Brain-Based

We have spent a combined 45+ years of study, professional service, and disciplined practice finding the very best tools, ideas, and transformative practices for transforming ourselves and our world.

Bio-Transformation® is a cohesive theory and toolset for activating and embodying lasting, positive change in individuals, teams, organizations, and systems as fast as humanly possible—underpinned by the latest brain and behavior science integrated with wisdom and practices from the contemplative traditions.

“Inspired us to lead the change.”