About Us


Switch On is a trail-blazing leadership and personal development company.

Our purpose is to give people the tools and thinking they need to unleash conscious breakthroughs in their life and in their work as leaders – breakthroughs that transform suffering, dissolve problems that matter and create a more thriving world for all.

We leverage our unique Switch On Way methodology to design and deliver programs, experiences and products that ensure people can transform their lives, organizations and systems whenever they want.
Everything we do is focused on switching on people so that they can break through the past to thrive their future in our rapidly-changing, complex, disrupted and stressed world.

“Transformational and transcendent!”

Our 2 Areas of Activity

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“Amazing, amazing!”

The Founders

Nick Jankel

An award-winning, Cambridge-educated thought leader, author, professional speaker and pioneer in life and leadership transformation.

Alison McAulay

A former US elite gymnast, contemporary dance teacher, turned craniosacral therapist, yogi, thought leader, author and pioneer in life and leadership transformation – always with an embodiment edge.

The Way Of Transformation

All our programs and products are powered by our rigorous biology-based methodology the Switch On Way.
It gets heart, head and hands working together to land breakthroughs - transformative changes that cannot be predicted by the past - as fast as humanly possible.
25 years in the making, it weaves together the very latest neuroscience, timeless wisdom from the great philosophical traditions and essential tools from entrepreneurship and growth hacking.

It all starts in the mind & body...

Our Philanthropic Projects

Although all our programs and products are driven by our deep and abiding purpose – to scale and spread conscious living and leadership to millions – we also invest in a number of philanthropic projects.

Wisdom Leaders Congress: Systemic change driven by an ecosystem of wisdom teachers

B-Lab: The Breakthrough Social Innovation Program

Breakthrough Politics: Connected Policy Principles Project

Breakthrough Political Leaders: Conscious Leadership Program for Members of Congress / Parliament

Teen Transformation: Our programs and peer-coaching for marginalized youth