About Us

Switch On is a trailblazing transformation company that unlocks life-changing and world-changing transformations in individuals, relationships, leaders, and systems. Transform yourself and our world with Bio-Transformation Theory®.

Switch On is a social enterprise with a clear purpose: to deliver our transformational programs so that you can reach your potential as a human being, whether as an inspired business leader, conscious partner or courageous individual.


We develop neuroscience-backed tools which we deliver as digital leadership programs and personal development programs. 


We invite you to work with us at our global workshops or online through our peer-to-peer toolkits for transformational leadership and personal transformation.


We have spent over two decades developing unique solutions to the most intense and important problems leaders and individuals face in this digital, disrupted, and damaged world.


All our programs are powered by our rigorous methodology that we call Bio-Transformation Theory®. Underpinned by the very latest neuroscience fused with timeless wisdom, Bio-Transformation Theory® is the development toolkit that you need to achieve powerful and lasting impact in your life and in the world.

We work in 4 key domains

The Founders

Nick Seneca Jankel

An award-winning, Cambridge-educated thought leader, author, professional speaker, futurist, philosopher, wisdom teacher, and pioneer in transformational leadership.

Alison McAulay

An embodied transformation teacher, master of the healing arts, and a disruptive education entrepreneur.

Key Switch On Leadership Associates

Charlie Cannon

Charlie Cannon is a leadership development coach with expertise in self-leadership and collaboration. Having worked with McKinsey & Co, HSBC, Tesco, BP, Mars and Unilever, he is particularly interested in the specific practices that support leaders to build resilience.

Simon Confino

An Organisational Psychologist, Simon works with teams and entire organisations to help them shift to happier, more productive and switched on cultures. Simon’s work with clients such as Mondelez, World Bank, and BAE focuses on facilitating collaborative intelligence and creating healthy team dynamics.

Cat Hirst

As well as co-founding our sister business Future Makers, Cat is an Associate Partner in our leadership practice. She has worked with scores of leaders, from organizations as diverse as M&S and Skanska, on innovation, purpose, and sustainability.

Our Methodology

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All our programs and products are powered by our rigorous brain-based methodology Bio-Transformation Theory®. Underpinned by the very latest brain science fused with timeless wisdom, it gets hearts, minds and habits working together to land transformation as fast as humanly possible.

A Selection Of Our Clients

We work with organizations across the globe that want to build transformational leaders and cultures to thrive in the digital, disrupted, and stressed world.

We have worked with over 100 of the Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 as well as many ambitious non-profits and government departments.

Our Partners

We are a small enterprise in headcount that packs a global punch with impact. We can do this in part because we work with amazing partners all over the world. They include:

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Selected Life Partners
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