“As relevant to the newest start-up as the oldest public organization.”

Former Special Advisor to President Obama
Chief of White Office of Social Innovation

About Us In Brief

We are a purpose-first leadership, innovation, and human development business that operates as a social enterprise.

Since our creation in 2005 we have worked with 70,000+ leaders, 100+ blue-chip companies, and 50+ world-class governments and impact organizations—and, through TV shows on BBC and MTV, over 5 million people have accessed our transformational tools.

Now we want to go exponential and reach 10x the leaders; in half the time. Because our teams, our societies, and our planet really cannot wait.

We provide products and services that are at the intersection of consulting, coaching, and training—and we also develop and distribute our own breakthrough innovations in the transformation space. We work, in every system and sector, with senior leaders in multinationals and large institutions—as well as with youthful changemakers in community start-ups and colleges.

Our purpose is to accelerate and exhilarate the shift to a sustainable, equitable, and life-affirming society through developing wise, strong, and world-changing leaders who have what it takes to transform our crisis-hit world against all the odds.

Our vision is to see as many leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers harness our brain-based transformation methodology and Cell to System developmental curriculum to regenerate their part of our crisis-hit world—leveraging their organization, products, and projects to speed up the transition to a technologically-sophisticated, prosperous, and just economy.

Our current mission is to support the transformation of 1 million changemakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and managers into profoundly conscious, courageous, creative, and collaborative leaders before 2030—through strategic partnerships, experiential programs, online courses, thought-leading content, and scaleable peer-to-peer coaching toolkits.

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”

Director of Change, WWF

Featured In

“A compendium of insight on growth and development.”

The Times

We Support & Serve Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Changemakers
To Transform Their Enterprises & Systems From The Inside Out

We work with leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and changemakers of all kinds who keenly sense, feel, and see how much urgency there is to shift our business models, societies, and global systems to be regenerative.

We know that changing the world is the hardest task a person can take on with their life. We are all working against the odds: self-perpetuating systems, political resistance, profit motives, short-term shareholders, addictive brains, stressed biologies, structural injustices, a rapidly-worsening climate crisis, and endless resistance to change.

We teach that the best way to lead and land team breakthroughs, organizational transformation, and systemic change isto first break through our own limiting beliefs, transform our own self-sabotaging habits, challenge our own assumptions, unlock our own leadership potential—and act in ways that nurture co-creativity, innovation, integrity, caring, and reciprocity.

This is why our work is premised on transforming our organizations, and so our world, from the inside out—starting by transforming our own cells, mindsets, and behaviors before expanding our activities towards organizational innovation, and eventually, systemic change.

“Truly inspirational, thought-provoking, and incredibly helpful.”


Project Lead for Change, National Health Service

We Have Worked With Enterprises Like

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


We Help Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Build


E.g. Emotional Intelligence
Meaningful Purpose
Insightful Attunement
Trust & Safety
Wholeness & Compassion


E.g. Unbreakable Resilience
Intentionality & Focus
Fruitful Co-Creation
Unshakeable Strength
Fierce Commitment
Conflict Transformation
Powerful Integrity
Collective Motivation
Network Building

World Change

E.g. Breakthrough Innovation
Organizational Transformation
Smart Experimentation
Whole System Regeneration
Powerful Vision
Transformational Storytelling
Ethical Influence
Culture Change
Systemic Transformation

“An amazing experience. Very, very good feedback from our leaders.”



Our Services & Products

Whether you are a changemaker at the level of your family system, a purpose-driven leader in a global multinational, or a change agent at the level of geopolitical challenges, we offer keynotes, books, transformational life coaching, transformational executive coaching, peer-to-peer coaching, online courses, leadership development training, and organizational and systemic innovation programs.

“Brilliant theory and insights on transformational leadership.”

SVP, Pfizer

Our “Cell To System” Curriculum

With 100+ innovation projects and 200+ learning and leadership programs under our belt—and having worked with over 100,000 people on transformation from San Francisco to Shanghai—we have pieced together a cohesive and comprehensive “Cell to System” Curriculum for becoming a Conscious Changemaker and truly Transformational Leader.

In all our programs, projects, and products are underpinned by this Cell to System approach.

“Inspired us to lead the change.”


Our Brain-Based Transformation
Theory & Method

We have spent a combined 45+ years of study, professional service, and disciplined practice finding the very best tools, ideas, and transformative practices for transforming ourselves and our world.

With backgrounds in medicine, strategic innovation, digital technology, the creative industries, and a multitude of healing therapies, we have synthesized and simplified a pathway and toolset into our life’s work: a pioneering methodology for change ourselves and our systems, called Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®. 

“I not only found my purpose. I experienced an existential awakening.”


Founder, Sustainable Tech Start-Up

Our Founders

Originally set up in 2005, by Nick Jankel, we are now a wife-and-husband management team. We believe that it is essential—both for human thriving and planetary sustainability—that personal transformational must be connected with organizational, social, and ecological transformation.

We see personal growth and world change as one cohesive domain of human capability—and one single journey of human evolution and leadership development—as we become wise and strong changemakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Nick Seneca Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Wisdom Teacher, Leadership & Innovation Practitioner
Purpose-First Entrepreneur
Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory

Alison McAulay

Trauma Therapist, Embodied Leadership Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist
Purpose-First Entrepreneur
Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory

“This is the time to switch on and these are wisdom teachers for this time.”


New Consciousness Review

Our Invitation

Switch On believes that it is only when people come together to create new ideas in the place of old beliefs that we can transform things for good.

On this journey science inspires us, vision unites us, and wisdom illuminates us.

The boundaries between culture, consciousness, change, and creativity blur.

The worlds of science, philosophy, technology, and entrepreneurship collide.

Big questions are asked. Conventions are challenged. And the status quo is disrupted.

We consciously reground both body and mind in the timeless wisdom of interdependence, reciprocity, and wholeness.

We master our own nervous systems, mindsets, and behaviors using the latest neuroscience and biological research.

We harness the genius future-forward technologies to step-change our enterprises and systems to become planet-ready and socially-just.

Tap into your compassion and we’ll transform it through co-creation.

Bring your curiosity, and we’ll feed it with possibility.

Transform yourself. Transform our world.

“Glam wisdom activists.”

The Sunday Times

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