Bio-Transformation Theory®

A brain-based, wisdom-wired methodology, philosophy & toolset for leading rapid transformation in self & systems


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All our programs, workshops, tools and products are powered by our rigorous biology-based methodology Bio-Transformation Theory® which enables anyone to master transformation in themselves and the systems they touch.

30 years in the making, Bio-Transformation Theory® is a cohesive and comprehensive methodology and philosophy that gets heart, head and hands working together to land transformations as fast as humanly possible. Bio-Transformation Theory® is a practical methodology that can be applied inside an intimate relationship, a family unit, a project team, a company culture or an entire global system.
Bio-Transformation Theory® explicitly connects the work of personal transformation in both leadership and life to making tangible positive impacts happen in the world, whether in our communities or enterprises.

A Theory, Process & Toolset

Bio-Transformation Theory® is woven from a fusion of the very best knowledge that science has to offer united with crucial insights from the great wisdom traditions that fill in the gaps – all focused on making lasting change happen.

It purposefully brings together the latest science of brain networks, behavioral economics, cognitive psychology and affective neuropsychology and meticulously matches it to essential wisdom from the philosophy.  In addition, it is pervaded by many hard-won insights from fast-growth entrepreneurship, social activism, mass mindset and behavior change, performance coaching and disruptive innovation.
We have codified this enormous body of human development and strategic innovation research, theory, and wisdom into:
– A proven process for innovation and change in organizations and transformation in individuals
– A comprehensive 6-module leadership curriculum for Transformational Leadership
– 90+ “Switch On Engines”: strategy tools for transforming organizations
– 40+ transformational practices that help leaders and citizens change themselves over time
– A rich body of preventative wisdom that can inoculate against future crises and repeated breakdowns

Mastering Transformation

Bio-Transformation Theory® is focused on enabling people across society to master the process and experience of transformation: how to create and sustain lasting positive change that cannot be predicted purely by extrapolating the past.

Transformational LeadershipHow to metabolize constant change in the external world into concrete value within our organizations through individual and collective leadership to ensure our enterprise, employees, and ecosystems thrive
Transformational Living: How to metabolize the problems we face that cause us suffering and threaten breakdown into breakthroughs that ensure we and our loved ones thrive not despite our challenges but because of them

A Brain-Based Theory of Human Development

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All changes  – from disruptive innovations and agile business culture-changes right through to individual habit changes and trauma healing – happen first in biology.

This means that nerves must fire differently within us before we see the changes we want to see in the external world. The primary start-point of Bio-Transformation Theory® is: we cannot bypass biology when leading and landing change.
Nick Jankel has spent 30 years painstakingly integrating the very latest neurobiology, psychology and behavioral science together with timeless wisdom and practical change hacks to help leaders master their biology and influence the biology of others (colleagues, users, customers, investors, loved ones etc.)

The Transformation Curve

Bio-Transformation Theory® provides a reliable pathway for personal transformation, disruptive innovation and the leadership of change.

This J-Shaped curve is the archetypal blueprint of transformational change. By understanding it and mastering its form, we can lead and land transformations in every system.

The Dual-Mode System

At the heart of Bio-Transformation Theory® is a powerful way of understanding our everyday states of being that is underpinned by very recent neurobiology. It is centered on on two important “Modes” that all of us move between during each day.

Control and Protect Mode (C&P Mode) is a state of consciousness in which we are focused on solving our problems with existing rules and habits. We attempt to control the chaotic and threatening world with existing beliefs and frames of reference. We protect ourselves from threats, when needed, with variations of the fight, flight, or freeze responses. In C&P Mode we prioritize productivity over presence, and profit over purpose. This is a highly-evolved mechanism that ensures we survive.
But this is not our only option. Create and Connect Mode (C&C Mode) is a state of consciousness in which we are curious, creative, and collaborative. We have imaginative ideas, insights, and intuitions to create effective, if not always efficient, solutions to new problems. We are far more interested in being present with people – loved ones, colleagues, kids, customers – than we are in being productive. We care about our impact and our purpose more than profit and KPIs. 
We need both of these modes to both survive and thrive in leadership and life. But most of us and most organizations are misaligned and need recalibration in order to enact transformations.

The 3-H Model

To enable mastery of our own biological and organizational systems, we have developed the 3-H model that allows leaders to discern and so change three essential elements that make up every moment:

Hands: Individual Behaviors & Habits & Organizational Processes & Systems: We draw on “nudges”, heuristics, and behavioral economics, behavioral psychology, cultural anthropology, growth hacking, mass behavior change, and persuasion lab research to help you break habits, redesign processes, and turn inspiration into action.
Head: Individual Beliefs & Assumptions & Organizational Strategies & Business Models: We draw on brain neuroscience, cognitive psychology, continental philosophy, linguistics, psychotherapy, mind reprogramming, narrative studies, causal analyses, and mass mindset change to help you relinquish out-dated assumptions, break through disempowering beliefs, re-invent strategies and innovate the future.
Heart: Individual Emotions & Felt Senses & Organizational Cultures: We draw on affective neuroscience, emotional intelligence research, interoceptive and somatic studies, interpersonal neurobiology, wisdom philosophies, sports psychology, transpersonal psychotherapy, and mass emotional change to help you transform trauma, heal wounds, shift moods and redesign entire cultures.

The Tools & Practices

With over 90 organizational transformation tools and 40 individual leadership and wisdom practices, Bio-Transformation Theory® supports positive change at scale. 

These tools and practices help us, hour by hour and habit by habit, make lasting positive change stick. Some of the tools are focused on self-change and some on social change. Some are for relationships, whether at work or at home; and some are for business transformations and disruptive innovations that can forge the future of an entire industry.
Some practices are more for the mind whilst some are more for the heart; some are deeply embodied whilst others are focused on creative results.
All the tools and practices enable people to switch on and stay switched on so they thrive as they continuously metabolize problems that come from rapid change in the world into possibilities in our lives and our businesses.

A Biodynamic & Evolutionary Approach

Bio-Transformation Theory® sees the human being, our enterprises and our global structures as complex, adaptive living systems rather than linear algorithms: there is a dynamic and ceaselessly changing nature to nature.

Therefore all transformation must be “biodynamic”: responsive to whatever is seeking to emerge as a breakthrough in the moment through our biologies as we interact with each other. We are relentlessly invited, by problems or through proactivity, to release old habits, beliefs and business models so we can birth the most appropriate and fitting ideas and actions that move ourselves and others away from suffering and towards thriving.

The History & Development

Founder of Switch On, Nick Seneca Jankel, begun to develop this model and map of human transformation whilst at medical school at Cambridge University. Engaged in personal psychotherapy at the same time, he found that the psychological and psychiatric theories he was being taught and offered had limited practical value in his own life; and, later, in his role as an fast-growth entrepreneur and innovation leader.

Over the next 20 years he left no stone unturned to build a reliable, rigorous and rewarding way to lead ourselves and others out of problems and into possibilities. Joined in 2011 by his business partner and wife Alison McAuley, they have codified this pathway, evolving and unfolding as it is, into a new ‘school’ of human development – covering both personal and leadership development – that integrates materialist science with timeless heartfelt wisdom and focuses it on driving real world change.

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