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Overview Of Our Six Stage Curriculum

Our Neuroscience-Based Yet Wisdom-Wired
Transformational Leadership Curriculum

We have cutting-edge content, thought leadership, teachable transformation tools, embodied wisdom practices, and leadership hacks across six key areas of transformational leadership.

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Self-Mastery, Confidence & Expanded Consciousness
Breaking Negative Habits & Building Transformational Habits
Developmental Challenges & Self-Sabotage
Self-Reliance: Time, Energy, Strength, Resilience, Boundaries & Recovery
Integrating & Enacting Change
Evolving Embodied Wisdom & Cognitive Acumen
Semi-Permeable Boundaries & Boundary Management
The Strengths & Weaknesses Of 12 Leadership Archetypes
Triggers, Ownership, Responsibility & Agility
8 Practices for Resilience
Wellbeing & Managing Energy 
The Developmental Stages Of Leaders
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Finding & Expressing Leadership Purpose
Collectively Defining A Compelling & Authentic Business Purpose
Connecting Leadership To Enterprise Purpose
Balancing Purpose With Profit
Finding Meaning, Existence & Legacy
Developing & Refining Personal Ethics & Moral Compass
Data-Driven & Intuitive Decision-Making
Regenerative Business & Sustainable Capitalism
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Wise Sense-Making & Future Operating Conditions
Spotting & Leveraging Weak Signals
Leading Transformational Innovation Projects
Transformational Challenges & Breakthrough Solutions
The Transformation Mindset
Empathy & Insight-Led Innovation
Causing Breakthroughs: Assumptions, Paradigm-Shifts & Innovating at the ‘Edge of Chaos’
Minimal Viability, Imperfection, Adaptive Execution & Pivoting
Sustainable & Regenerative Business Models
Smart Experimentation
Building Innovation Cultures
Innovation-Ready Enterprise Structures
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Leading Teams To Transform & Collaborate
Building Accountable Yet Agile Cross-Functional Teams
Motivating Diverse People with Intrinsic &. Extrinsic Motivators
Transformational Communication: Difficult Conversations, Conflict Resolution, Vulnerability & Repair
Coaching Conversations & Coaching Techniques
Cross-Cultural Intelligence & Acuity
Curiosity-Led & Collaborative Self-Management
Building Transformational Teams: Psychological Safety, Mutual Trust, Shared Responsibility
Company Culture Interventions
Leading Across The 5 Modes of Collaboration™ 
Leading Collective Processes & Decision-Making
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Leading Through Inspiration & Influence
Crafting & Embodying A Transformational Vision
Transformational Storytelling: Story-crafting and Story-sharing
Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivations
Ethical Persuasion & Influencing Techniques
Attunement & Rapport Building
Developing Executive Presence & Charisma
Being Electric & Inspirational
Activating Formal & Informal Networks
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Leading Systemic Change
Systems Thinking & Systems Shifting
Leadership In Chaos & Complexity
Collective Sense-Making & Decision-Making with Transformative Systems Thinking
Surfacing & Aligning Stakeholder Theories of Change
Convening & Hosting Multiple Stakeholders With Outcome-Oriented & Practice-Powered Processes
Holding Generative Spaces For Whole Systems Transformation
Designing & Sequencing Interventions To Transform Systems
Reinventing Systems With Regenerative Thinking

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