Executive coaching from the Switch On founders—plus peer-to-peer coaching toolkits to scale transformational leadership behaviors across your organization

Transformational Executive Coaching

Cutting-edge coaching designed to transform—for ambitious and purpose-driven professionals
looking to lead and land positive change
Nick [circle] white shirt

Nick Jankel

Specialities Include:

VP>SVP>C-Suite transitions, C-Suite influence and alignment, leading innovation and business transformation, leadership purpose, leaving a legacy, moving towards regenerative business, storytelling & public speaking, systemic change, exec team collaboration and conflict mediation, mid-life/later-life transitions, transforming triggers/anger/despair, resilience, headspace & strategic thinking partnership…

Alison Circle

Alison McAulay

Specialities Include:

Manager>leader transformations, VP>SVP>C-Suite transitions, female empowerment, imposter syndrome, cultivating and harnessing feminine and relational intelligence, confidence in the workplace, menopause and perimenopausal work challenges, finding and integrating purpose, coming back to work or changing role after children, stress and overwhelm, developmental trauma , managing work/life boundaries, life crises & transitions, leaving a lasting legacy…

Peer-to-Peer Coaching Kits

Scale and spread executive coaching without the usual costs, limitations, and headaches. Leaders work together, at their own pace and in their own space. Can be used in-person or remotely—and can bond colleagues together in the hybrid workplace.


Develop your self-mastery, agility, creativity, impact and resilience.

A complete digital kit for peer-to-peer coaching to support you to become more transformational—so you can thrive in the relentlessly- and ruthlessly-changing world.


Embrace & cultivate the most important skills of our age: effective collaboration and relational intelligence.

4 sessions of leadership coaching to develop collaborative mindsets, trust, and psychological safety; design better cross-functional collaborations; delegate and empower people better; and reduce conflicts and misalignments.