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Rapidly lead and land multiple breakthroughs in products, services, business models, operating models, adaptive strategies and ecosystems

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Don’t wait for rapid change to make you irrelevant. Our transformational innovation programs ensure that you stay ahead of the rest by turning your greatest threats into market-leading innovations that keep you match fit for the digital, disrupted, and damaged world.

Your organization is facing a “triple threat” of world-historical importance: 1) The Damaged World: existential risks like climate change, pollution, pollinator collapse, and depression. 2) The Digital World: exponential technologies like AI, blockchain, 3D printing, and robots. 3) The Disrupted World: fast-changing social norms that are making Industrial Age systems out of date


Take charge of these changes with our Transformational Innovation Programs. We provide senior leaders from ambitious organizations with a world-class innovation process, 90+ proprietary tools and elegant facilitation to land significant breakthroughs at the level of products, services, business and operating models, adaptive strategies and ecosystem innovations (and usually a Transformation Roadmap combining all of them).


Break out of investing enormous efforts for marginal returns in commoditizing markets—by harnessing exponential digital technologies to transform emerging internal and customer “pain points” into purpose-driven innovations that lead to exponential growth for you and a regenerative economy for us all.
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“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”

President, Kellogg’s

Finish programs ready to pitch, implement leanly, and cascade change

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By the end of each program you will not only have a long-term roadmap for delivery but can also have strategies for lean implementation, plans for rapid prototypes to test hypotheses, narratives to engage the necessary resources internally and externally, and a mindset and behavior strategy to afford the transformation(s)

Take charge of rapid external change and metabolize it into (exponential) value

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Fearlessly engage in the fast and furious changes in the VUCA environment – driven by our digital, damaged and disrupted world – and metabolize them purposefully into opportunities for exponential value-creation and positive impact

Maximize your innovation investment by driving forward multiple project teams with one program

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Make the most of your investment of time, energy, money, and goodwill by using our 90+ codified tools to enable multiple project teams and business units to engage in the process. This means you can solve multiple problems and burning platforms at the same—and be able to use the tools again in future when they innovation will inevitably be needed

Unlock long-term innovation mindsets and behaviors for continuous transformation

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So they can engage in the continuous transformation needed within a continuously changing world—by minimizing their fear, reactivity and instability and maximizing their momentum, motivation and influence to cut through treacle and make change stick

Systematically and rigorously interrogate possible futures in order to forge the one you want

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Wrestle breakthroughs from the jaws of complexity and chaos —whilst safely breaking teams out of their comfort zones and business-as-usual mindsets to land bold product, process and people innovations and transformations

Harness the insights and collaborative power of your ecosystem

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Rather than rely on expensive market research for the insights that power all breakthrough innovations, we bring key partners (suppliers, board members, shareholders, experts etc.) into the process at points where their systemic insight can make the difference—and then they are vested in transformational solutions when pitched to later on

Develop a 5-10 year innovation roadmap to balance immediate improvements with visionary ambitions

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Innovate a range of transformative solutions to each problem you tackle, from long-term business model and operating model innovations that will forge the future of your industry… to quick tactical wins that can be implemented immediately and everything in between across the “Three Horizons”

Leverage purpose to transform your organization and industry with value-creating innovations

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Turn sustainability from a duty of compliance into the most powerful fuel for disruptive innovation and systemic transformation – baking it into your solutions from the start to play your part in recalibrating capitalism towards a more connected, sustainable and regenerative economy

Leverage Our World-Class
Transformational Innovation Process

“An invigorating experience that felt like pouring raw ‘idea ingredients’ into a machine, and very real and exciting innovations being shaped and processed and coming out the other end… in our case, a step change to what we do.”

Managing Director, Lendlease

Include Transformational Leadership Upgrades
To Ensure Your People Deliver

Twenty years of experience has taught us that innovation processes and tools, no matter how brilliant, are not enough without transformational people. As you progress towards major breakthroughs, we harness customized elements of our transformational leadership programs to equip your leaders with the mindsets and habits they need to land breakthroughs fearlessly and sustainably.

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


Harness 40+ Codified Transformation Tools

Painstakingly developed over 20 years—and improved after every engagement—they enable cross-functional teams to alternate between divergent/creative and convergent/strategic thinking.

They also allow you to amortize the costs of transformational innovation across many teams and business units—solving multiple problems at the same time without wastage and over-spend

The tools empower and upgrade teams to become more innovative—and avoid consultancy over-reliance

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We are incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the most interesting, ambitious and creative organizations on the planet. As well as scores of fast- growing start-ups and scale-ups we have worked with organizations like...

Transformational Innovation: The Book Of Breakthrough

You can get more of a sense of how to lead transformational innovation with this beautifully illustrated PDF "book".

It is an 80-page guide to leading disruptive innovations in any field of human endeavor.

"You get a lot in a little."

CEO, Global Non-Profit

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