Frequently Asked Questions

What is Switch On?

Switch On is a global personal development and leadership development community and company with a mission: To provide the tools and thinking everyone needs to ensure they, and our world, thrive.

What do you actually do?

We create and distribute workshops, programs, books, apps, training, seminars, events & experiences, TV shows, films and products that enlighten, empower and enable people to become ever more creative, free, peaceful, inspired, committed and collaborative. We are committed to offering the best wisdom, science and practical tools without any Woo Woo.

Why do you do it?

The digital generations we are part of, the largest group in history, are more stressed, depressed and unemployed than any generation before us. Suicide kills more people that car accidents do. 40% say their stress has increased in the past year. 52% say stress has kept them awake at night in the past month. Depression is diagnosed more than in any other group (double the incidence seen in Baby Boomers), which means that depression will soon be the No1. burden on global health. And they have the smallest percentage in the workforce since records began.* At the same time, millions of kids across the planet are living in poverty. Tens of thousands will die today even though there is enough food in the world to feed everyone many times over.

We believe that these situations are tragedies… yet are utterly avoidable and transformable if everyone had access to the treasure-trove of wisdom, wellbeing and world-change tools and techniques that is the birthright of all of us. Because of our own life experiences, ranging from clinical depression and extreme bullying to chronic pain and childhood divorce, we went searching for ideas and inspiration that could help us learn from these events and transcend them for good. On that journey we discovered how to create awesome projects, find and express our purpose, act in accordance with our values and play our part in forging a world that works for all. Core to all of this has been the discovery of a profound sense of connection to each other, to nature and to the universe. This has allowed us to thrive through many challenging experiences since.

Very few schools, universities, businesses or media companies seem to get how important the tools of wisdom, wellbeing and world-change are. We believe it is vital to fill the gap, particularly when research shows that 70-80% of our generations say they are spiritual (not religious) yet so little media and so few programmes are created with heart.

We believe that it is only when we all feel loved, passionate and creative – that we are all thriving – that we will have the kind of fairer, more peaceful and less unequal world we all seem to want.

How do I get involved

There are so many ways to be part of the movement. Our tribe is inclusive and all our welcome. Check out our Get Involved page to start your journey.

Where are you based?

We are a global company with contributors living and working everywhere from Beijing to New York, Sydney to Berlin. Our HQ is currently in the UK.

Are you religious?

Not at all. Aside from a very live experience of our connection and interdependence, there is no dogma in Switch On. In fact, part of our purpose it to provide people with independent insight and information from the whole range of wisdom traditions, spiritual practices, transformational tools and healing arts that are on offer. One of our founders is a Cambridge-educated scientist and medic, so we bring a lot of the latest science into the mix too. All our curators and creatives have their own practise and beliefs. However, although we are a melange of voices, we all sing one song – a tale of connection, love and human thriving.

Are you a cult?

Ha ha. Whilst we are part of the global movement of awakening, social change and sustainability, rest assured, we won’t ask you to sign away your house to a dodgy venture, wear weird clothes or call us gurus. Unless you want to of course.

Why do you operate as a company?

Having run non-profits and private companies, we fundamentally believe we can achieve our mission more effectively if we are structured as a corporation. In fact, we originally started working on this project as a charity. But we soon ran out of money, once the UK government stopped funding empowerment work. Then we were stuck, because we couldn’t find a foundation or donor who believed in our mission or the power of wisdom. So we realised that we had to create the money we need to make the content and experiences we create ourselves. However, we run ourselves as a social enterprise. We are more interested in our mission and meaning than we are money. Our social mission is core to what we do. Without that, we wouldn’t bother being in business. At least 30% of all our profits (once we break even) will go to our projects focused on empowering and marginalised young people, who cannot afford sexy personal development workshops, trips to Goa or life coaching.

Who owns the company?

We are Co-Founders, a husband-and-wife team. One hails from Britain, one from the USA. We also have a team of awesome advisors who keep us inspired, challenged and on the straight-and-narrow. Once we expand we will be working with investors to ignite our social justice projects.

Why do you work with corporations

Corporations are full of people like me and you too. They deserve to have access to awesome wisdom, wellbeing and world-change tools and experiences. They also have the potential, over the long-term, to change the system from within. At  the same time, corporations have big, powerful brands that spend vast sums of money on advertising which keeps the entire media industry in business. Having worked in top ad agencies and ran our own brand consultancies, we know for a fact that most of the money is spent on commercials which try to persuade us to buy products by telling us that we aren’t good enough in some way. We believe that much of that money would be better spent funding awesome wisdom tools, content and experiences that inspire us and enable us to thrive. The brand gets to connect with us in an authentic and empowering way… and we all get access to stuff that can change our lives and world for good that we wouldn’t get otherwise. Meanwhile, we as Switch On get the funding we need to achieve our mission without having to go cap in hand to donors every few months to try and persuade them that wisdom and wellbeing is important. That for us is an epic win-win-win.

What does ‘thriving’ mean to you?

Thriving is way more than happiness, which is usually fleeting. Thriving is the ability to engage in life’s rich challenges and always come out feeling more connected to each other, loving and loved, creative and empowered. As we thrive ourselves, we become better able to play some kind of role in helping our families, communities, companies and societies to thrive. It is very hard to act ethically, sustainably and generously when we are stressed, pained or angry. At the core of thriving is the experience of connection.

Do you heal mental or physical illness

We are an education and entertainment media company. Whilst we are committed to creating content and experiences that enlighten, empower and enable, we are not doctors or therapists (and don’t want to be). If you are at all worried about your mental or physical state, we urge you to consult with a trained and certified medical professional as soon as possible.

I have a problem with a product or the site. What do I do.

Any problems with any product or service please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

* Sources: Pew Research Center, World Values Survey, CIA, US Census Bureau, Statistics Canada, Australian Bureau of Statistics, ONS, Theos