“Profound revelations—and also lots of practical wins.”


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“At the forefront of thinking about creativity, social entrepreneurship, and the potential of young entrepreneurs.”

European Commission, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry

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Wisdom   >>

E.g. Emotional Intelligence
Meaningful Purpose
Insightful Attunement
Trust & Safety
Wholeness & Compassion

Warriorship    >>

E.g. Unbreakable Resilience
Intentionality & Focus
Fruitful Co-Creation
Unshakeable Strength
Fierce Commitment
Conflict Transformation
Powerful Integrity
Collective Motivation
Network Building

World Change

E.g. Breakthrough Innovation
Organizational Transformation
Smart Experimentation
Whole System Regeneration
Powerful Vision
Transformational Storytelling
Ethical Influencing
Culture Change
Systemic Transformation

“Alison McAulay is like a gentle scalpel: challenging and nurturing me to heal and transform beyond what I thought I could do.”


Conscious Entrepreneur

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“In the last two years, the transformation has been significant. I would highly recommend this toolkit to anyone who is seeking personal transformation.”


Social Entrepreneur

“I not only found my purpose. I experienced an existential awakening.”


Founder, Sustainable Tech Start-Up

Our Books on Wisdom & Transformation

“This book is quite amazing. This is the time to switch on and Nick Jankel is a wisdom teacher for this time.”


New Consciousness Review

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, an expert knowledge of human behavior, and strong creative flair. And lots of fun!”


Leading Global ChangeMaker

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