Nick Jankel

Contemporary Wisdom Teacher

Award-Winning Author

Non-Dual Spiritual Philosopher

TV Transformation Host/Presenter (BBC, MTV)

Co-Designer, Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

    “Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.”

Former Special Advisor, President Of The United States Barack Obama

Nick On Science & Spirituality At Aspen Ideas Festival

“A glam spiritual activist!”

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

Nick Jankel fuses cutting-edge science and timeless spiritual wisdom to help people transform suffering and struggles to thrive within the chaos and complexities of everyday life.


Through his TV shows, books, talks and workshops he has reached over 5 million people from Los Angeles to Shanghai.

After 25 years of committed effort, he has co-developed a proven methodology for conscious change.

Nick shares profound ideas in a playful yet practical way, helping people presence a sense of awe and connection whilst gaining insights on their own physiology and psychology.

Nick Jankel is a wisdom teacher for our time.

New Consciousness Review

Nick’s Philosophy & Wisdom Books

Spiritual Atheist: Reunite science and wisdom to thrive in life, love and leadership in the Digital Age

“Eye-opening… a nuanced way to expand the views of even a hardened atheist.”
Kirkus Reviews

Switch On: Break through any problem in life, love or leadership by harnessing the power of transformation

“This book is amazing. This is the time to switch on and Nick Jankel is a wisdom teacher for this time.”
New Consciousness Review

Recent Talks & Podcast Interviews

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TOA (Berlin)

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Conscious Life Expo


Radio 1

Rebel Wisdom


Wilderness Festival

Secret Garden Party


Science & Non-Duality (SAND)

Mind Body Spirit Festival

Science of Consciousness

Wisdom Talks

Watkins Bookshop

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