Leadership Development Program
Briefing Tool

This briefing form will help us to design and cost a leadership program that works for your leaders and organization—one that can guide you/ your leaders to build confidence, competence, and consciousness in transformational leadership.

We give a lot of time, energy and care to designing programs that work, are both efficient and effective, and that are transformative. To do this, we leverage 25+ years experience running high-profile leadership, transformation, and innovation programs for outstanding organizations.

Our Approach To Leadership Development

We don’t do ‘training’; we develop leaders who can feel, think, and act for themselves, their teams, and your organization. We are not limited to ‘education’; we aim to bring about lasting transformation in leaders, and the teams they lead. We aren’t constrained to classes and coaching; we endeavor to unlock business breakthroughs through leadership breakthroughs.

To accelerate your ambitions as an organization, we design and deliver—with the care, cohesion, and creativity that can only from a boutique—innovative and action-oriented leadership programs geared to bring about long-lasting change in how your leaders feel, think, and act. Then, rather than try and apply an outdated rule-book or formula, they can solve their own business problems creatively—and resolve their own team problems empathically—now and in future.

You can download our latest leadership development brochure here.

Delivering Business Breakthroughs Through Leadership Development

We are not a typical HR or coaching enterprise. We are a leadership consultancy that evolved out of a breakthrough innovation agency. This means all our work in leadership, development, and coaching is focused on driving concrete business breakthroughs that forge a radically-better world for all.

We understand what it takes to imagine and then implement innovation programs, business transformations, brand evolutions, and change management projects. Therefore we develop leaders who can move from theory to practice; from inspiration to execution; from talk to walk.

Therefore, if you are willing, we aim to use leadership development programs to deliver tangible breakthroughs in team, strategy, and innovation challenges. 

Our Transformational Leadership Curriculum & Tools

To fulfill on the promise of truly transformational leadership, we have developed a cohesive “Cell to System” curriculum. You will be able to select modules from it to to focus on below.

We have also evolved, over many years of innovation, a pioneering suite of on-demand tools, toolkits, and interventions to embed and embody change. You will be able to select those that you feel will be most transformative below—and we can help you to understand the pros and cons of each.

Our theory, processes, tools, and practices are built upon major advances in brain and behavioral science.

Our Design Approach

Rather than one-size-fits-all, we use diagnostic and design-thinking tools to customize every engagement to fit your unique culture, history, industry, context, strategy, and ambitions. 

The more—and accurate and richer—insights you provide us now, the more we can deliver an outstanding yet cost-effective program that gets you the breakthroughs you want to ensure you forge the future of your industry.

We make no judgements. We have worked with every type of culture and organization, and each has strengths and ‘shadow’ elements. It is normal to what to make the team or org look as good as possible but this will block real learning, development, and transformation. We have to work with what ‘is’ in order to unlock what is possible.

Filling In This Briefing Form

This form has taken us years to develop, and we update it regularly as we spot ways to make program design and delivery smoother, more efficient, and more effective.

Please share in a spirit of total confidentiality, reciprocity, and mutual trust.

We urge you to use this briefing tool to align various stakeholders early, which massively reduces friction, potential frustrations, and unnecessary costs later on. The more aligned you are as an org, the less consultancy, design, and management time will be needed.

If you are finding it too difficult to find either the time, energy, or alignment to fill it out, we have found that doing it with us—either on a call or in a design workshop—makes it flow faster and more effectively.

A small investment in upfront thinking pays back dividends in terms of long-term outcomes.


  • The Elements of our Game-Changing Approach to Leadership Development

    Our approach is divided into 4 categories, with the contents of each set out in the contents below. To find out more about our game-changing approach, click here.

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