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Transformational leadership programs and tools to ensure leaders and their organizations thrive in our disrupted, networked and stressed world



Fast and furious change creates new possibilities and new pain for your customers and organization.

With our pioneering leadership programs, culture-change accelerators, toolkits and keynotes, you’ll be able to harness change to forge the future – rather than fail it with shrinking margins, commodifying products, brand irrelevance, and difficulty recruiting the best talent.

We build next-level transformational leaders who can change what you do and how you do it to stay on top. We enable them to unlock the power of transformation in products, processes, and people, whether through digital transformation, disruptive innovation, or systemic change.

We believe transformational leadership is your only source of continuous competitive advantage and the only factor in your complete control in our chaotic and complex world.

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Our Programs & Products

Leadership Catalysts

Leadership Programs

Activate transformational leaders driving
forward major breakthroughs in
their biggest challenges

Change Accelerators

Change Accelerators

Transform your business by transforming
your culture with our extensive
suite of rapid-change tools

Leadership System

The Leadership System

Spread leadership and empowerment
behaviors to every level with our unique
low-cost and scaleable toolkit



The very best thinking to inspire, motivate and challenge audiences to switch on and step up to forge the future


Constant change and uncertainty is the new normal – opening up fresh opportunities and causing intense challenges for every leader.
Our next-level leadership development programs reinvigorate your leaders to take charge of change – and help them drive change and thrive in a VUCA world.

Amazing, amazing feedback from our leaders!

Group Director, Intel


If you want to deliver on the full potential of new technologies, innovations and business transformations, then your culture must change. Our Change Accelerator Programs enlighten, empower and enable your leaders and their teams to switch on and step up.
We use a blend of cutting-edge science, profound wisdom and practical tools to help your people embrace uncertainty, build trust, find common purpose and become flexible, creative and responsive. Our interventions cover the three areas core to every human being and organization:




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Leaders don’t just belong at the top. They are waiting everywhere –they are your most untapped resource for a thriving future. But conventional leadership development programs are too expensive in time and cost to roll-out across the organization.
Our pioneering Leadership System embeds conscious, creative and collaborative behaviors and empowered, emotionally-intelligent mindsets across every level of your organization. Watch your people change in the direction of agility, adaptability and resilience as they engage in peer-to-peer learning and coaching.



In our volatile and uncertain world, no product, process, business model or leadership style stays successful for long. This is the greatest challenge that everyone faces in the 21st Century.
Award-winning, Cambridge-educated professional speaker Nick Jankel has spent 25 years cracking the code of transformational change to ensure everyone can rise to this challenge to wrestle breakthroughs from the jaws of chaos.


We are incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the most interesting, ambitious and creative organizations on the planet. As well as scores of fast- growing start-ups and scale-ups we have worked with organizations like…

Leadership Programs Powered By The Switch On Way

Our rigorous brain-based methodology and complete toolset for personal and organizational transformation reunites science & wisdom into a proven pathway for lasting and sustainable change.

30 years in the making, The Switch On Way contains over 70 tools and practices to get heart, head and hands working together to land transformation as fast as humanly possible.