Ensure your organization thrives in the disrupted, digital, and damaged world with our transformational leadership, innovation, and change programs & products.

We have spent 20 years developing transformational solutions to the most intense and important problems leaders face.

Our programs and products you to take charge of change by unlocking the power of transformation: to adapt what you do and how you do it to stay relevant and so succeed in the fast-changing disrupted, digital, and damaged world.

We believe transformational leadership is your only source of continuous competitive advantage and the only factor in your complete control in our chaotic and complex world.

We are now recruiting for our Master Transformational Transformation open program – the pre-eminent program for leaders who want to transform their organizations, industries, and our world.
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Master Transformational Leadership

Future-proof your career, your organisation, and our world by mastering the science and wisdom of transformational leadership.


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Our Open Leadership Programs

We welcome leaders on our open programs that have been painstakingly designed to generate concrete change through conscious transformation.

Our open programs support leaders future-proof both their career and their organization through new thinking and expanded consciousness to help them grapple with the opportunities presented by a rapidly changing world.

Master Transformational Leadership

Future-proof your career, your organisation, and our world by mastering the science and wisdom of transformational leadership.


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Build A Transformational Organization

Take the pain out of leading business transformation by mastering how to structure your organization to galvanize agility without losing stability.


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Our Organization Consulting Service

Forge the future, don’t fail it: ensure your organization thrives in the disrupted, digital, and damaged world by unlocking the power of transformation in products, processes, and people.

Our pioneering transformational innovation, leadership and change programs support organizations to take charge of change to forge the future–rather than fail it. We unlock the power of transformation in products, processes, and people, whether through digital transformation, disruptive innovation, or systemic change.

Transformational Leadership
Take charge of change by developing transformational leaders who can land outstanding results and long-term adaptation and transformation  

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Transformational Innovation
Don’t wait for rapid change to make you irrelevant. Our transformational innovation programs ensure that you stay ahead of the rest with market-leading innovations that keep you match fit for the future

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Transformational Change
Take the pain out of accelerating business transformation with our programs and concrete interventions designed to ensure you future-proof your organization optimally  

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A Leadership toolkit to transform in
your own space & time

Leaders no longer just belong at the top. Our tools and toolkits distribute empowered mindsets and behaviors across your organization.

Our powerful peer-to-peer coaching toolkit has been designed, tested and improved over 15 years to equip you with science-based empowerment tools and behavior-change techniques to expand self-mastery, accelerate agility and boost engagement—without the usual costs and in your own space and time.

The Transformational Leadership Toolkit

Team up with a colleague to boost your leadership agility, creativity, and adaptability with our “plug-and-play” toolkit


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Books for Transformational Leadership

We publish books designed to enlighten, empower, and enable conscious transformation in all areas of life and work.

Now Lead The Change

By Nick Seneca Jankel

Future-proof your career, organization, and our world by mastering the suprising science and deep wisdom of transformational leadership—so you can adapt yourself and your enterprise to survive and thrive the dramatically-changing world

This book inspires ambitious, next-level leaders to take charge of change by unleashing the agility, adaptability, creativity, and consciousness of themselves and their people. By shifting from fighting and being fearful of rapid change, to embracing and metabolizing it to create exponential value within their enterprise, this book provides the tools for transformational leaders to master their potential.

Keynote Speaking

Nick Jankel is a highly sought-after and accomplished international keynote speaker who inspires audiences across the globe to forge the future in a digital, disrupted, and damaged world.

As a futurist, leadership theorist and transformation catalyst at the pinnacle of thought leadership, Nick has advised and accelerated many ambitious organizations such as Novartis, HSBC, Unilever, Kellogg’s, Nike, No.10 Downing Street, Zalando, Genentech, Google, Roche, Diageo, Intel, Lendlease, P&G and the BBC.


Master Bio-Transformation Theory® Practitioner Training

For coaches, facilitators, and therapists who want to sharpen their tools and deepen their understanding of the emerging science and profound wisdom of transformation.

Join us to deep-dive into our sophisticated, cohesive, and science-driven transformation methodology, process, tools, and practices: Bio-Transformation Theory®

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