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Trailblazing brain-based leadership programs that develop transformational leaders who take charge of change to land exponential results – whether through digital transformations, disruptive innovations or systemic change

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The continued existence of every organization is threatened by 3 factors that none can escape:

– Global risks like climate change, political unrest, inequality, resource conflicts, and stress
– 4th Industrial Revolution technologies like automation, blockchain, 3D printing, IoT, and AI
– Seismic customer and employee changes like the demand for purpose, empowerment, and autonomy

Without continuous transformation, you risk shrinking margins, commodifying products, brand irrelevance, learned helplessness, re-orgs that don’t deliver and difficulty recruiting the best talent.

Our leadership development programs enable your leaders to take charge of change by mastering “Transformational Leadership”: the ability to transform what you do and how you do it to stay on top.

Transformational Leadership is your only source of continuous competitive advantage and the only factor in your complete control in our chaotic and complex world.

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Outstanding framework and powerful tools. Huge impact!

President, Kellogg’s

Ensure your leaders engage without fear in the fast and furious changes in their external world and then empower them to transform complexity into clear strategies for exponential value-creation and positive impact

Ensure leaders can unlock the power of transformation in your products, processes and teams and so drive forward disruptive business model innovations, digital transformations, and systemic changes that seek 10x or 100x returns vs. 1% or 10%

Radically amplify the self-awareness, emotional mastery, empathy, sense-making and space holding qualities of your leaders so they can help their teams feel safe enough to be relentlessly creative, experiment wisely and think differently

Ensure leaders have tangible breakthroughs in how to deliver excellence in their area of work, encouraging them to tackle specific tough challenges with accelerated ambition and maximum agility and adaptability

Massively boost the influencing, storytelling, empowerment and collaboration skills of your leaders - so they create an agile and customer-centric company culture that can respond in real-time to constant change to always add value

Encourage your leaders to find and leverage their leadership purpose... and to reinvent your organization with business purpose - so they play their part in recalibrating our world towards a more connected, sustainable and regenerative form of capitalism

A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.


Customized Next-Level Leadership Programs

Every program takes selected elements from our extensive transformational leadership curriculum in response to your specific needs and challenges to provide leaders with everything they need to consciously lead brilliant business breakthroughs and full-tilt transformations

Profoundly inspiring, utterly challenging and radically useful.

CIO, Global Tech Company

A World-Class Brain-Based Curriculum

Choose what is most relevant from our 30+ days of cutting-edge content containing thought leadership, tools, practices and approaches across the six key areas of transformational leadership

Purposeful Leadership

Leading Change
Individual Purpose
Business Purpose
Ethical Decision-Making
Chaos & Complexity

Conscious Leadership

Personal Transformation
Agility & Adaptability
Executive Presence
Resilience & Self-Care
Emotional Intelligence

Systemic Leadership

Systemic Change
Systems Thinking
Futures & Scenarios
Holding Space

Creative Leadership

Leading Breakthrough Innovation
Adaptive Strategies
Smart Experimentation
Sustainable Innovation

Inspirational Leadership

Personal Branding
Ethical Influencing
Activating Networks

Collaborative Leadership

Empowering Teams
Conflict Transformation

Inspired us to work on ourselves as leaders and lead the change!


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Discover the skills and qualities we all need to develop to lead in our digital and disrupted world.

Cutting-Edge Learning & Transformation Approaches

Cutting-Edge Leadership Science

Rich keynotes sharing big ideas, cutting-edge science and important wisdom to shift mindsets fast

Takeaway Transformation Tools

70+ leadership, innovation and change tools and techniques codified into templates that turn ‘interesting conversations’ into impactful results

Mindset & Behavior Changes

Land and sustain individual changes in habits and actions – and lasting shifts in collective ways of working and leadership principles

Experiential & Embodied Learning

Turn words and ideas into lasting change in nerves and biology so people step up and embody their full leadership power

Conscious Leadership Circles

Circles of peers run with a set of clear principles enable leaders to amplify change and transformation for each other

Transformation Practices

Enact change deep in the mind and body; and lead the transformation of others

Amazing, amazing feedback from our leaders.

Global HR Director, Intel

Our Pioneering Peer-Powered Leadership Coaching Toolkit

 A powerful addition to each program is peer-to-peer coaching using our pioneering Leadership System - an experience most participants value enormously.

The 6 sessions of coaching within each of our 'plug and play', tablet-based toolkits develop conscious, creative and collaborative behaviors - and empowered, emotionally-intelligent mindsets.
Program participants not only get leadership coaching and learn to coach others - but they build a deep connection with a new peer to support accelerated growth and development for life.


We are incredibly lucky to have worked with some of the most interesting, ambitious and creative organizations on the planet. As well as scores of fast- growing start-ups and scale-ups we have worked with organizations like...

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