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Through systemic leadership, we harness systemic change. We master how to map and sense the systems that we want to lead transformation within.

This kind of innovative leadership shows us how to spot old patterns that are breaking down and new patterns that are seeking to emerge. Closely aligned with purposeful leadership, this innovative leadership style gives us tools for lasting change.

Through system leadership, we learn how to sense the ‘mood’ of a system so we can consciously intervene in the right way, at the right time. We learn how to make sense of complexity and how to anticipate ‘weak signals’ that flag the opportunities for breakthroughs before crises ensue.

At the intersection of systemic leadership and systemic change, we explore how to locate ‘sweetspots’ – where small actions can create outsized impacts – and how to uncover deep drivers and both resistors and ambassadors of change.

Systemic leadership allows us to master how to use biology-based tools to find and leverage future-forward insights into the emerging needs of the people we want to impact: users, customers, employees and partners.

We master empathetic and connective intelligence and how to generate the psychological safety needed for people to take risks and stay open and vulnerable as systems change.

And finally, system leadership gives us to tools me need to learn how to ‘hold space’ for people as they, and the systems they are part of, transform – and how to prevent them from clinging to outdated best-practice and repeating old habits that will lead to fails.

We explore how to align ‘theories of change’ from the start before mismatches create conflict and waste time. The end result is a systemic change for the good of the organisation.

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