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Turn leadership inspiration into concrete action – and accelerate agility and adaptability across your organization – with our ground-breaking and totally scaleable peer-powered toolkit

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Our very own disruptive innovation: The Leadership System embeds conscious, creative and collaborative behaviors across every level of your organization in the micro-moments where great leadership counts.

Watch your leaders at every level become more agile and adaptable – whilst they build motivation and resilience as they engage in peer-to-peer coaching together.
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The Leadership System: Agility & Self-Mastery


How the Leadership System Works

The Leadership System provides users with everything they need to enjoy a potentially career-changing leadership development experience with a colleague. The System provides users with a safe yet powerful framework for peer-powered learning to grow and thrive as transformational leaders

Each toolkit is “plug-and-play” – and needs no other intervention. It is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with one of our leadership development programs – to turn the inspiration and buzz of a transformational workshop into concrete action in the cut and thrust of everyday business realities

Users ask each other solution-focused Breakthrough Questions which tap into each individual’s leadership capacity – and tangibly switches on their leadership potential in real-time

There are 6 sessions in the toolkit. At the end of each, users commit to achieving specific “transformation tasks:” which turn nice ideas into concrete actions and achievements in the organization

The Leadership System moves users along The Transformation Curve – the archetypal process of all change – ensuring they take ownership of business problems and turn them into opportunities to create value

Each toolkit can be easily used on a smart phone or tablet for maximum accessibility – it is beautifully illustrated with diagrams and images to energize and inform to ensure users stay engaged throughout the process

“It taught me to ask the right questions and understand why we behave in the way we do. This helped both in self reflection and in leading my colleagues to succeed.”

Construction Industry Manager

Inside The System

 The System is centered on a “plug and play” toolkit – which can be deployed across an entire business at very low cost. It is a powerful way to maximize the value and prolong the energy of one of our high-touch transformational leadership programs 

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