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Getting More Out of Life with Personal Development Intensives

If you’d like to plug into inspiration, uncover your issues and find easy-to-apply tools in just a short time, then personal development intensive courses like the Hoffman Process, the Landmark Forum, Tony Robbins’ weekend courses and Brandon Bay’s ‘The Journey‘ could be the way forward for you. Maybe you feel like you could get a lot more out of life, but you don’t know where to start. We all need a little help sometimes, whether it’s to kick-start changes in our work or relationships, to recover from depression, anxiety and other problems or just to re-ignite our enthusiasm for life. Read on for more about personal development courses that can turn things round for you.

Psychological Detox, Catalyzing Change and Moving out of Stuck-ness 

Like most personal development intensives, the Hoffman Process is a bit like a psychological detox. It’s a chance to have a break from your usual life and focus fully on what you want to change and bring into your world, allowing for deep healing. Led by the Hoffman Institute, it’s a week long residential intensive held in secluded country houses. If you struggle with stress, anxiety or depression, the Hoffman Process has been shown to be effective for these problems. During the Hoffman Process, qualified Hoffman teachers work with you through processes that shift you out of struggle and stuck-ness into a place of well-being and empowerment. You will discover the unconscious, automatic programs that are running your behavior and choices – and uncover the ‘you’ that is not limited by these old patterns. You’ll find yourself re-visiting your relationships with your family of origin and letting go of the negative ties and old emotions about them that are holding you back. Be prepared for a lot of intensity as you come clean with supportive others about your past, your beliefs and your emotions.

Then there’s the Landmark Forum, a three day course from Landmark Worldwide (followed by one evening follow-up) that promises to make radical changes in your way of being, helping you take charge of the quality of your life. The Landmark Forum offers you more freedom, more ease with yourself, better relationships, more effectiveness in your life, and more power to make your dreams reality. Over the three days, you will discuss how the concepts introduced in the course apply to your life. The changes you make will be catalyzed by the Landmark processes, and continue to unfold in the next weeks and months with ongoing from the rest of the ‘Curriculum for Living’, which includes a complementary 10-session weekly seminar. The benefits of Landmark Forum processes are proven by independent research.

You might have heard of massively successful life coach and author Tony Robbins. His weekend course ‘Unleash the Power Within‘ is aimed at helping you to break through your limitations in all areas of your life using a technology called “NAC” (Neuro Associative Conditioning) which he developed from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (insert link to NLP article). Tony Robbins’ approach is about becoming as successful as you truly can be – which is a lot more than you think. Brandon Bays’ ‘The Journey’ has also taken the world by storm. Bays experienced spontaneous healing of a tumour when she used the step-by-step process that has become her ‘The Journey’ offering to the world. If you do a ‘The Journey’ Intensive, you will learn a process that you can continue to use for the rest of your life to heal anything – physical, mental or emotional. People who come to ‘The Journey’ Intensives have experienced healing of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, anger, addictions and all kinds of other problems.


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Where to Start with Personal Development Intensives 

To figure out if Hoffman Process is for you, try this test. You can commit to the intensive – or dip your toe in with some workshops and events that the Hoffman Institute provides, and then decide if the intensive is for you. To find a Landmark Forum near you, see here. Read more about Tony Robbins and check out his program here. Check out ‘The Journey’ Intensive options here.

Tackling Problems on all Levels & Releasing Old Patterns

The Hoffman process tackles all aspects of the problems we face in life – on the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It has roots in a few different fields of therapy – Psychodynamic, Transpersonal, Gestalt, Behavioural, and Cognitive. The tools of Hoffman include group therapy, visualization, deep meditation, and Gestalt techniques. The Hoffman people expanded the ideas of Freudian psychiatrist and analyst Dr Silvio Fanti who developed ‘micropsychoanalysis’, believing that life was too short to spend years being psycho-analysed. So he introduced the first ‘intensives’, and found that patients had huge success from short periods of being in analysis on a very frequent basis, staying in his country home. Landmark ideas include several life-changing, empowering concepts: for example that we make up meanings or stories about what happened to us which may not actually be what happened, and that we have the potential to transform through bringing forth new ways of being in a creative act, instead of comparing ourselves to the past.

Tony Robbins’ ‘Unleash the Power Within’ is based on the concept that we need to get totally clear on what’s driving us before we can make changes in our lives. Robbins’ courses then provide tools for changing the beliefs, needs and emotional patterns that are not getting us where we want to be. The Tony Robbins philosophy is about unleashing your powerful desire and determination to have success in your life. Brandon Bay’s ‘The Journey Intensive’ comes from the idea that everything that’s ever happened to us still lives in our cells as a ‘cell memory’. Cell memories can cause illness on both the physical and emotional/mental levels, and by applying ‘The Journey’ process we can access and release these cell memories and open up to our true potential, which is unlimited. Bays has also developed tools that help you tap into more empathy, healing and forgiveness – which can all set you free to experience more joy and positive change in your life. The Journey Intensive also includes a ‘satsang’ – a session where personal questions about healing are answered by Brandon.

Personal Development Trends & Evolution 

Personal development as a field emerged in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and with it came a load of other self-help therapies like NLP, Gestalt and family therapy. Tony Robbins is one such ‘therapy celebrity’ to come out of this movement, as personal development became a big industry. Robbins trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with John Grinder and began to teach NLP along with hypnosis. He learned how to fire-walk and became a ‘peak performance coach’, where he got a wide audience through his best-selling books such as ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. The Hoffman Institute was founded over 47 years ago by American Bob Hoffman, whose work began in the 1960’s with teaching people to lose their “negative love patterns” – those passed on from parents to children. The Hoffman Process has become a huge hit over the last near decade, especially due to celebrity exposure. It’s still an evolving system and gets a lot of interest from many wellness and personal empowerment leaders. Landmark was started in the early 1990’s and inspired by material from transformational model creator Werner Erhard. Its programs have been criticized for being ‘cult-like’, but Landmark has strongly denied this. ‘The Journey’ started with mind-body healing expert Brandon Bay’s groundbreaking book, ‘The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing your Life and Setting Yourself Free‘. Bays succeeded in healing a basketball-sized tumor in the 1990’s in only 6 weeks, by using everything she knew about fields like nutrition, kinesiology, and meditation. ‘The Journey’, now recognized worldwide, consists of the powerful processes she used combined with Bays’ ongoing learning from mind-body experts like Deepak Chopra.

How will this help you to transform your problems and pain?

Personal development courses of the intensive kind are not for the faint-hearted: you have to be ready to step up, face the truth of what’s holding you back and change, but the rewards are pretty hefty: more empowerment, clarity, forward movement, healing and joy in your life.


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