By Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Theorist, Transformational Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

We don’t believe in ‘problems’. And we’re not the only ones of course. Henry T Ford the inventor of Ford Motor Cars famously suggested that essentially problems are opportunities in disguise. This concept is key to great leadership and is one of the core beliefs / mental habits that leaders exhibit. Likewise the essence of creative leadership is that all problems or issues are in fact challenges waiting to be overcome. Those of us that can see them this way are already using our inner minds more by ensuring that it is already working on solutions before we’ve even started to consciously do so. 

With Switch On, solving all ‘problems’ is just a matter of time as we harness our untapped emotional and mental resources with the help of creative leadership tools. If we keep on thinking of things as ‘problems’ then our inner mind will focus on the obstacles and barriers, not the solutions – and this will keep us blocked or stuck longer, unnecessarily. 



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