By Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Theorist, Transformational Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

Liberate Yourself from Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem and Addictions with EFT

Do you want to break free of limiting thoughts and patterns that stop you from living your potential? Do you struggle with addictions, depression, anxiety or low self-esteem? Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has a massive scope across all kinds of problems, helping you to let your suffering unwind and move into the wellness you deserve to live. The technique of ‘tapping’ on meridian points to re-configure your energy pathways has the advantage of being a quick and easy-to-learn method that you can do anywhere, anytime – without a therapist.

Acupressure – without the Needles

EFT is a revolutionary therapy that lets you heal from problems that might have been bugging you for years – all in just a few minutes. Yes, no need to talk for many sessions with a therapist or dig up and relive your past – EFT offers a simple acupressure technique that resolves stuck emotions and helps you to move on once and for all. A bit like acupuncture (insert complementary therapies article) without needles. EFT has a 80 – 95 % success rate with all kinds of problems, like depression, stress and stress-related issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, abuse and trauma, fears, phobias and panic attacks, anger, sadness, addictions…the list goes on. With EFT you become clear on what the problem is – whether it’s physical or emotional – find a statement that expresses the problem, such as ‘I feel angry that my friend ignored me’, or ‘The ache in my shoulders’, and work with that statement, and the energy of the problem, by tapping on certain points on your skin, called ‘end points’. These points mark the end of energy pathways called meridians which are close to the surface of the skin. By tapping on these points you clear the energy pathways and allow for healing to happen. And EFT doesn’t just work on the specific problem you’re looking at – it also gives your energy system an overhaul so that you can experience more happiness, health and well-being in general.


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EFT Self Help & Therapy Routes

The beauty of EFT is you can practice it by using a book or any of the other resources out there. Once you learn the technique, it’s easy to apply in any situation. Check out this short video on EFT from founder Gary Craig. There are also EFT therapists, who sometimes use EFT combined with other modalities. The advantage of going to an EFT therapist is you can be guided through the process and completely relax into it, without having to concentrate on remembering where the points are. The therapist can also help you if you get stuck. If you go to an EFT therapist, you will usually have between 2 to 6 fifty minute sessions – and learn how to apply the EFT tools to yourself in between sessions. You can also get telephone sessions. But EFT is one of the easiest therapies to go the self-help route on: Gary Craig’s site is an amazing resource, with lots of free information and newsletters, including a free manual to download and read.

Meridians & Clearing Stuck Energy 

EFT is an energy therapy – like acupuncture and energy healing – which with meridians: energy pathways through the body.. This means it looks deeper than the physical level to heal symptoms: it works on the level of the energy that runs through our bodies, that affects our emotions and in turn our physical being. The idea behind EFT is that our negative thoughts can cause a lot of dis-ease in our lives, because they are constantly setting off a chain reaction of negative emotions that then stay stuck in our energy ‘circuits’ if we don’t clear them. Between the thought or memory and the emotional response we experience, is a disruption of energy. We can restore the easy and comfortable flow of this energy by using tapping. Tapping on the end points of each meridian – 14 of them – breaks the automatic link between your thoughts or memories and negative emotions. Tapping releases the emotional intensity that’s connected to certain things in your experience. Say you’re afraid of raised voices because your parents used to argue a lot when you were growing up. This makes it hard for you to deal with confrontation and to stand up to people who are angry with you. By using EFT you can release the ‘charge’ from this memory so that you will still remember it, but you will no longer be triggered every time some strangers have an argument sitting near you on the bus – and will be able to deal constructively with anger from those closer to you.

Thought Field Therapy, a User-Friendly System & Healing Traumatised Vietnam Vets: A Little History of EFT 

EFT was developed by a guy called Gary Craig in the 1980’s. He was a US engineer fascinated by helping people to thrive and move past their problems, who studied with Dr Roger Callahan, the founder of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) a psychological healing system based on meridians. Callahan had been amazed when he permanently cured a client of her water phobia simply by tapping on her stomach meridian. He then identified different tapping combinations for different problems. Craig simplified TFT and devised EFT, using all 14 meridian points for all problems. This made it a much easier system to learn and use, and it also gave a complete ‘energy overhaul’ to the client’s system every time the whole meridian circuit was tapped. Craig continued to develop EFT in collaboration with Adrienne Fowlie, and worked with long traumatised Vietnam veterans with great success. EFT is now receiving massive interest from a whole range of healing professionals, from scientists to spiritual healers, and is at the front-line of the new blending together of allopathic and energy medicine.

How will this help you to transform your problems and pain?

Emotional Freedom Technique is just what it says on the tin – liberation from emotional and physical problems, limiting patterns and old beliefs, so you can rise up and be the best being you can be.


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