By Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Theorist, Transformational Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

When we shift what we are thinking about and what we are focusing on, our state of mind immediately changes, and therefore what we actually feel in that moment changes too. For example at the beginning of the week, when all we might think about is five whole days until the weekend, it is easy to become tired, lethargic or low. But when it’s Friday and we focus on the weekend we are far more likely to feel excited and energised. It’s the same with anything – focus on what we feel are the ‘problems’ and we feel less than our best. Focus on the good stuff and we feel better. This is key to reframing. 

The best way to get out of a tired or stressed mood is to think about what we are grateful for. This is a powerful thinking tool, one that we use each session to start things in a positive, useful way. It’s also very useful to focus on our past successes or victories – particularly at the start of meetings. Everybody, no matter how ‘awful’ they think their life looks, can find some things to be grateful for – having their limbs, strawberries, the feeling of a spring evening, even just being alive. The more things we list, the better we start to feel. Try it and see. 



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