BY Nick Jankel

Author, Leadership Futurist, Philosopher, Transformation Catalyst

15. Be grateful
‘As soon as we start remembering what we are grateful for, our minds switch out of stress mode and into the relaxation response,’ says psychological coach Nick Jankel-Elliott, author of The Switch: The Surprising Truth About Creativity And How To Rewire Ourselves To Break Through Anything. ‘Think of as many things that you are grateful for as possible within one minute and write them down quickly, then look over the list.’

16. Shake it off
‘A remedy for stress is to shake, which immediately discharges the energy that has built up in your body and makes you feel better,’ says Nick Jankel-Elliott. ‘Put some music on and shake around the house, or simply flick your arms around in the loo at work.’

17. Find a purpose
‘Research has shown that people who have a meaningful life are less stressed,’ says Nick Jankel-Elliott. ‘Having a meaningful life means finding something that is more important than just yourself to focus on. It could be your family, your relationships or a project.’

18. Help others
‘It has been shown that people who volunteer and give their time to others are happier, healthier and less stressed than those who don’t,’ says Nick Jankel-Elliott. ‘They even live considerably longer, so find something that you feel is worthy of your time, and give your ideas and support to it.’

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