By Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Theorist, Transformational Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

In order to successfully operate in a complex world we develop programs for different situations. Much like a computer has programs for all kinds of professional and personal needs, our inner mind has thousands of programs for every eventuality – from tying a shoelace to dealing with conflict. Most of these programs, or mental habits, are incredibly sophisticated and brilliantly useful and we can learn to harness them even more to succeed further in every area of our life. Some of them however have become redundant – or worse, actually cause us repeated problems that can be quite damaging. 

Take the colleague who reacts to constructive criticism by being defensive. Or the boss who thinks that people who leave the company hate him so he ignores them once they hand their notice in. To the objective observer these programs may once have been a useful way to manage stressful situations, particularly as a kid. But now they are actually hindering these people’s ability to be truly happy or successful. It means they are, in fact, caught in a loop – their programs for certain things so powerfully embedded in their inner mind that they don’t even realise they are there. 

What we must always remember, on our path to reaching our full potential, is that we are NOT the programs, no matter how much we feel that we just have ‘natural’ ways of dealing with things. We are without doubt the programmers, and the sooner we reclaim that role, and actively begin to evaluate and alter our programs, the sooner we reclaim power. We call this powerful and little known technique mind programming and it is the cornerstone of any significant lasting change we want to create in our lives. 



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