Answers from The Unseen – Psychic Readings & Other Tools

Whether it’s consulting a psychic, asking our angels for guidance, using tarot cards to get insight into our future pathways, or even seeing a medium to get information from relatives and friends that have passed on, it’s more and more common these days to seek out answers from the unseen realms. People from lots of different backgrounds are tapping into a deeper wisdom and trust that we are not alone in the rat-race – we are surrounded by forces that are rooting for us, and clues that can show us where to go. If you’ve ever thought about consulting a psychic or fortune teller, or wondered about whether we can communicate with angels and ascended masters – or if you’re skeptical but intrigued, let’s look a bit further into the world of ‘New Age’ readings and guidance and decipher the maze.

What It’s Like to Get a Psychic or Spiritual Reading

Maybe you feel stuck in your life and want some advice on where to go from here – but keep drawing a blank. Or maybe you want to know how to break a pattern in your life, like relationships that keep not working, or work that’s unfulfiling. You’re open to the idea of something else out there – or in here, inside you – something you can’t see but that may be able to give you the missing pieces of the puzzle. Psychics are people who, it’s said, have a strong connection to their ‘sixth sense’ or intuition, and can use their ability of clairvoyance (psychic sight), claursentience (psychic sensing), clauraudience (hearing internal voices) or telepathy to give us insights about our present and past, and answers about what’s likely to happen in our future. A psychic will sense the non-physical energies around you – perhaps reading your aura (energy field), through touching an object that belongs to you. With a telephone reading, the psychic will often ask for only your name and birthday, which they can use to get a sense of your ‘vibration’ – where you are at and what you need.

What about tarot readers? Not all tarot readers (traditionally called fortune tellers) claim to have special psychic ability. Many tarot readers use the intuition we all have, combined with their skill at reading the ancient tarot cards to get a snapshot of where you’re at and where you’re likely to be going. Then there are ‘angel readers‘, who consult the angels on your behalf to pass on their guidance to you. Often an angel reading or angel card reading (using a deck of angel cards) is more gentle and positive than a general tarot reading – but you may still hear advice that you need rather than want to hear. Mediums pass on messages from your deceased loved ones, which can be comforting if you’ve lost someone and want confirmation of the afterlife. With all kinds of readings, be aware that you may not always hear what you want to hear. And no reader’s insights should ever replace your own common sense. Because the thing is, we all have intuition and can develop it further. Plus there’s always the chance that the information we receive from others isn’t really right for us – with psychics, a healthy dose of skepticism is advised, as there are charlatans out there. See below for more on how to find guidance by using ‘psychic’ or New Age spirituality tools yourself.

Where to Get Started with Psychic, Tarot & Angel Readings & Mediums

If you want to get a psychic, tarot or angel reading, it’s well worth taking the time to search out the best reader you can afford – you don’t want to get scammed. There are some guidelines you can follow, such as looking for those who friends have personally recommended, or failing that, have positive online reviews. The highest-charging psychics aren’t always the best ones – follow your intuition. There are also plenty of telephone readers out there. Mind/body fairs are a great place to start: gather some fliers and see what resonates – or try out a short low-cost reading.

If you want to check out a medium, you can try out a Mediums Day at a local Spiritualist church, where free or low-fee readings are offered, or a Sunday service at a Spiritualist church, which includes a psychic medium demonstration. Attending a medium meeting with several other people is no guarantee that you will receive a message, so if you’re determined, a one to one consultation is best. If you want to explore your own psychic leanings and use some of these tools yourself, there are online (some free) tarot courses and real-time tarot classes/workshops, as well as a lot of books for home learning. You can also get free online tarot readings and Tarot Apps. You can get a deck of Angel Cards to access the wisdom of the angels in your own home. Doreen Virtue‘s books on connecting with angels are very popular and a good way to start understanding the angel realm.


Clairvoyance, Archetypes, Akashic Records & Ascended Masters

Psychics use all kinds of tools to kick-start their intuition and gain insight into your situation. When you think of the tarot, you may picture a traditional ‘gypsy’ fortune teller at a fair, with a headscarf and missing teeth, telling you you’ll meet someone dark and handsome. But actually tarot cards are based on ancient archetypes that provide clues to what is going on in your life at the moment, and what you can work on or need to release to move on. Psychics also tap into the Akashic Records – a bit like a vibrational internet, where everything that’s ever happened for each soul on this planet, is recorded and can be accessed. By ‘reading’ the Akashic Records, a psychic can find out your life’s purpose and how you can move forward with the goals in your life. And you can learn to do it too, through meditation and other practices.

With angel readings, the idea is that each of us has angels watching over us, and if we follow their advice and work with them, we’re able to avoid some of the pitfalls of life and find inspiration and joy. Psychics can also consult ascended masters on your behalf. Ascended masters, it’s believed, are spiritually enlightened beings who were once human like us, but have gone through profound spiritual transformations – and are now able to help us with our spiritual progress. They include Saint Germain and Jesus Christ himself. You can also learn to communicate with the Ascended Masters yourself, through meditation and conscious intention.

Victorian Fortune Tellers, Edgar Cayce and New Age Circles

Psychics and fortune telling became popular in Victorian times, with seances being held in people’s front rooms and the emergence of the spiritualist church with its emphasis on mediumship. A huge trend-setter in the world of psychic phenemona was Edgar Cayce, an American mysticist who lived in the early 20th century and who, it was alleged, could answer questions about a variety of subjects while in a trance: such as wars, reincarnation, Atlantis and future events. Since then, psychic readings have entered the mainstream through New Age circles from the 60’s onwards. The whole area of psychic and spiritual readings has become extremely popular and exploded onto the internet in recent years with ‘dial a psychic’ services, and people empowering themselves by learning to read the tarot.

Why is it Ripe and Ready? 

Psychic, angel and tarot readings, and Akashic readings and mediums, are all fascinating things to explore on our journey to learning more about who we are, why we’re here, and how we can thrive in our lives – by helping us to access the answers from deep intuition and the world of spirit.