By Nick Jankel

Author, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Theorist, Transformational Coach, Wisdom Teacher, Co-Creator of Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

Most of us have experienced a time when we have done something that has actually had a negative impact on our work – and we haven’t really known why we did it. It could be any number of things – procrastinating on tasks, being late for a really important meeting or just surfing the internet unproductively. All these actions are examples of self-sabotage – which is when we sabotage our own success and goals, usually without knowing why. 

Although self-sabotaging actions may seem totally irrational, this os far from the truth. In fact, they are exceptionally rational, but their logic may well be hidden from view. Essentially what is happening is that we have conflicting values or associations hidden from view (inside our inner mind) and they are ruling our visible behaviours or thinking. Essentially we have out of date mental habits that are no longer useful in our life. Some of the mental habits, and the limiting beliefs behind them can be changed relatively quickly using mind programming and other creative leadership tools found inside the toolkit. But many of them are likely to be much more stubborn and take a lot more to change. 

Usually this means getting involved in some kind of inner work. 



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