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“As relevant to the newest startup as it is to the oldest public company.”

Special Advisor to President Obama & Former Head of White House Office of Social Innovation

“I not only found my purpose. I experienced an existential awakening.”

Sustainable Tech Company

“An outstanding framework with powerful tools. Huge impact!”

President, Kellogg’s

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”


Is it for you? Yes, if you are a:


Organizational Leader




Non Leader/Change Maker


Inspired HR/L&D Professional


Committed Leadership

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Some Benefits of the Program


Future-Proof Your Enterprise With Innovation & Adaptation

Lead and land transformations that future-fit your products, processes, and people to the relentlessly-changing world


Solve Complex Problems With Creativity, Acumen, & Wisdom

Make sense of paralysing VUCA realities, pre-empt future trends and threats, and make great decisions without perfect data


Find & Fully Express Your Purpose

Ensure you always experience deep meaning in your work whilst building limitless resilience and motivation


Build Unbreakable Heart-Led Self-Mastery

Consciously and elegantly shift the hearts and minds of yourself and others to maximize creativity and minimize dysfunction


Inspire Teams & Lead Powerful Collaborations

Engage and empower diverse people to work together to deliver significant change effectively


Nurture Your Network & Build Regenerative Businesses

Belong to a global network of purpose-driven allies—and explore together how co-create regenerative systems

Our World-Class “Cell-To-System”
Leadership Curriculum

A Multi-Format Programme Experience

You have the industry expertise and organizational experience. We have a unique methodology, toolset, and media set. Together, we can co-create a world-class program experience that blends online and offline learning and reflection.
Transformational Leadership Masterclasses
Transformational Leadership Masterminds
Transformational Leadership Engines
Transformation Tracks
Transformational Coaching Sessions
Transformation Tasks

High-Intensity Transformation Training (HITT)

Solo Explorations

Confidential Cohort WhatsApp Group

Transformational Leadership Assessment

Transformational Leadership Personal Development Plan

Transformational Movie Watching

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The Program Is Underpinned By
Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®

30 years in the making, it is a cohesive and coherent brain-based and heart-led methodology for driving transformation—of your toughest problems in life, leadership, and business—as fast as humanly possible.

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The Book the Program is Based On

A deep dive into how to master the science, art, and craft transformational leadership, from program leader Nick Jankel.

Great leaders get 600% results of average ones.

Fulfill your potential as a transformational leader.
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