Transformational TV Hosting
with Nick Jankel

Inspire & enlighten audiences big ideas, insightful wisdom & science.

Encourage & empower viewers to wonder, laugh, and explore.

Enable & engage contributors to have breakthroughs and lasting change

    “Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.”

Special Advisor To President Of The United States (Barack Obama)

Nick Jankel

TV Philosopher & Transformation Coach

TV Host & Expert On BBC TV, MTV, BBC Radio, The World Service, CBC

International Keynote Speaker

Leadership Theorist & Practitioner

Innovation Theorist & Practitioner

Cambridge-Educated Scientist

“Nick’s work is world-class.”

BBC Controller

Nick’s TV Work

“Nick was great on air with concise pithy round ups of the philosophy behind maintaining a healthy mind.”

Executive Producer, Radio 1

Nick is a prolific author on change, creativity, transformation, coaching, and leadership.

He has advised and coached CEOs and senior leaders from companies such as Unilever, HSBC, Microsoft, Boots, Disney, and many more.

With a Triple 1st in Medicine and Philosophy, Nick has spent 30 years developing his own unique change methodology to people find peace and meaning within the chaos and complexities of everyday life.

“A glam spiritual activist!”

The Sunday Times

Through his TV shows, books, talks and workshops, Nick has reached over 5 million people: from Los Angeles to Shanghai.


Nick can speak both American and British English: explaining important psychological, scientific, and philosophical ideas in super-accessible ways.

Nick shares his profound change work in playful and practical ways—and is able to engage even the frostiest contributor and defence client.

TV Show Teaser: Weird Science

“Nick is a major gear change!”

Director, BBC Radio

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