Go Deep With Our Transformational Programs

Join us on one of our Mastery Programs: painstakingly designed to generate concrete change through conscious transformation.

Each program supports you to transform a major life, love, or leadership challenge and embody the changes within. Each also teaches you powerful tools, practices, and frameworks from our Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice® methodology so you can transform again in future.
Each program is a stand alone deep-dive. Yet they also work together as an entire curriculum on living, loving, and leading transformationally.

Master Transformational Living

Never feel stuck, stressed, or suffer again. Learn how to heal your own emotional pain and suffering. Discover how to presence inner peace and profound purpose with embodied wisdom. Make lasting conscious changes in your life.
Release into peace. Rise to thrive.
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Master Transformational Relationships

Heal your past relationship wounds to regenerate your current relationships. Master the communication and transformation tools you need to ensure partnerships, collaborations, friendships, and teams are conscious, generative, and intimate.
Connection. Compassion. Community.
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Master Transformational Leadership

Re-purpose your career. Future-proof your organisation. Play your biggest part in regenerating our crisis-hit world. Master the science, insight, and embodied wisdom of transformational leadership so you can drive forward lasting conscious change and leave behind a regenerative business.
Purpose. Transformation. Systemic Change. 
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