The Mindsets of Transformational Leadership


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The Mindsets of Transformational Leadership Toolkit will help you master your leadership potential – and help you become more agile, creative and adaptable so you can lead transformations in yourself and your enterprise.

In our fast-changing and uncertain world, no product, organization, leadership strategy or business model stays successful for long. We need to consciously break through the past if we want to forge the future. The challenge is that our biologies and company cultures are wired up to hold onto old ideas and repeat old behaviors. The latest science tells us that every leader, at every level in an organization, is born to transform. That means everything you need to have a creative, conscious and collaborative career – and to be an instrumental part of purpose-driven projects that make a real difference to the world – is within you. Yet you almost certainly have habits, beliefs and emotional patterns which sabotage your success and stop you from achieving your potential as a Transformational Leader. The first installment – the basic training, if you like – of the Switch On Mindsets of Transformational Leadership Toolkit is designed to help you break through any problem, boost your agility and creativity, and master your own biology.

When you read a book on leadership or personal development, it is easy to gloss over the challenging bits and not make real change in mindsets or habits. When you go on a course, the learnings can fade fast unless you have a way to embed and embody them. The Switch On Mindsets of Transformational Leadership Toolkit has been lovingly designed and developed over a decade to solve both these problems with an innovative ‘transformational’ solution.

Rather than rely on an expert being in the room to support your growth as a leader – which is very costly, inaccessible and hard to sustain over time – this toolkit leverages peer-powered change and self-reflection. It is designed to allow you to transform your mindsets and behaviors in your own space and time; and at your own speed. You can flex around work and life commitments; and fit your self-mastery and transformational leadership development agenda within your busy schedule. You can also use the toolkit entirely virtually.

If you choose to invite a buddy to do this with you, they can hold space for you to change; coach you on your blindspots; and hold you accountable for the commitments you make in each of the six sessions. So you can build transformational leadership mindsets even faster. We at Switch On use the buddy approach to accelerate your leadership potential, helping you to become more purposeful, agile, adaptable, resilient, influential, confident and innovative. As buddies, you will ask each other challenging questions, give each other straight feedback, reflect together on how you feel, think and act as leaders, and take on goals or ‘missions’ designed to make tangible changes in your the career, projects and organization.

We truly hope you enjoy the very precious experience of consciously building the transformational leadership mindsets and behaviors you need to survive, and thrive, in the 21st Century.

The toolkit is “plug and play” and can be used on a tablet, phone, or laptop!

You can download a 2 page sample (from the 80 page toolkit) here:

Download A Sample Of The Mindsets of Transformational Leadership Toolkit