The Transformation E-Course


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Join Nick Jankel on a transformational journey to take any problem, challenge or opportunity in your life – the bigger and juicier the better – and have a major breakthrough with it in just 21 days.

Don’t just have the breakthrough… you will learn how to embody it in your nervous system and embed it in your life.

The experienced is designed to be as close as possible to being guided into transformation in person by Nick, with the added ease of just 7-10 minutes of commitment a day. It’s all about shifting, in the micro-moments where everyday life is played out, your emotions, beliefs and behaviors in real-time.

There are 21+ short pre-recorded videos plus course materials (such as a full color map of the human brain and body) that is downloadable.

Watch one each day, answer a few questions for yourself, and watch the breakthroughs emerge. Better yet, experience the shift as you embed the breakthrough from an idea into a reality, deep within.