Beyond the pain of stress and stuckness lies infinite peace and purpose… as long as we master our own transformation.

We offer a range of transformational personal development workshops and tools to thrive in our challenging, beautiful and ever-changing world.

Our trailblazing transformational programs unite cutting-edge science with the most profound wisdom within a proven pathway for changing anything about you & your life for good.

We will soon be recruiting for our Transformational Life Reboot open program designed to help you break through any blockages, forge connection, find lasting inner peace, activate your life purpose, and feel limitless power.
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The Transformational Life Reboot

Never be stuck, stressed, or suffer again. Create the transformational life you deserve. Inner peace. Life purpose. Limitless power.


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Our Open Programs for Self

We welcome all those who are burning to lead transformation within themselves.

Our open programs are designed to give you the tools and experiences needed to overcome challenges – and move towards a more conscious, connected and purposeful life.

Transform Your Trauma

Heal your pain and suffering at will. Learn our brain-based method for healing your own pain and transforming trauma. Reconnect, release, and renew!


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The Transformational Life Reboot

Never be stuck, stressed, or suffer again. Create the transformational life you deserve. Inner peace. Life purpose. Limitless power.


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A transformation toolkit to empower you to make conscious changes, fast

Want coaching but can’t afford it? Want to break ‘bad’ habits and build new ones that will lead to transformation? Want to put your goals into action but don’t know how?

This toolkit gives you all you need to enjoy 6 sessions of transformational coaching without the costs, hassles or disappointments of a professional coach. It is designed to allow you and a friend, loved one or colleague to coach each other using the powerful tools and creative techniques of the Switch On Way. You can also use it to coach yourself.

The Personal Transformation Toolkit

Connect with a friend to transform life, love, or stress challenges without the usual cost of coaching


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Books to Transform Yourself

We publish books designed to enlighten, empower, and enable conscious transformation in all areas of life and work.

Spiritual Atheist

By Nick Seneca Jankel

What if I told you that you could be a rational and reasonable atheist and also harness love, purpose and consciousness to thrive in life, love and leadership?
Spiritual Atheist is a modern-day ‘bible’ for the ‘spiritual not religious’ that seeks to fully reconcile what our minds know with what our hearts sense about life, love, business and politics.

The author spent 30 years on a quest to work out how to rigorously reconciles cutting-edge science with timeless spiritual wisdom to ensure we can all thrive in the challenging Digital Age.

The books shows a way for everyone to find lasting inner peace and a life of purpose without betraying reason or falling into superstition.

If you trust science and relish reason but also sense that your life has meaning, your consciousness is real and that love is a force for good – all phenomena that conventional atheism and science deny – then this book will help you have it all without dogma or superstitions of any kind.

Philosophical & Wisdom Keynotes

Nick Jankel develops original thinking and powerful tools to ensure people can leverage the combined power of both cutting-edge science and timeless wisdom to thrive within the chaos and complexities of everyday life.

Through his TV shows, books, talks and workshops he has reached over 5 million people from Los Angeles to Shanghai.

After 25 years of committed effort, he has developed a proven methodology for conscious change by seamlessly and rigorously reuniting reason and mysticism: one science paper and spiritual insight at a time.

Nick shares the profound ideas in a playful yet practical way, helping people presence a sense of awe and connection whilst gaining insights on their own physiology and psychology.


Master Bio-Transformation Theory® Practitioner Training

For coaches, facilitators, and therapists who want to sharpen their tools and deepen their understanding of the emerging science and profound wisdom of transformation.

Join us to deep-dive into our sophisticated, cohesive, and science-driven transformation methodology, process, tools, and practices: Bio-Transformation Theory®

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