The Switch On Way

A brain-based, wisdom-wired methodology, philosophy & toolset for leading rapid transformation in self & system


All our programs, workshops, tools and products are powered by our rigorous biology-based methodology The Switch On Way.

It gets heart, head and hands working together to land breakthroughs – transformative changes that cannot be predicted by the past – as fast as humanly possible.

Also known as Breakthrough Biodynamics – the study of the  biology underlying breakthroughs in any area of human endeavor – it enables everyone to unleash the power of transformation – consciously and purposefully. It is biodynamic: always serving whatever is seeking to emerge from the interaction of human beings with each other in dynamic co-creation of life itself.

It All Starts In the Mind & Body

All breakthroughs, whether disruptive innovations and business transformations or individual breakthroughs and profound healing – happen first in biology: That means nerves have to fire differently before the changes we want will happen.

Therefore we must all master our own brain, body and biology if we want to thrive without limits.

We have integrated the very latest neurobiology, psychology and behavioral science (together with timeless wisdom and practical change hacks) to ensure that you have the best possible chance of consciously making transformation happen in any system.

The Tools & Thinking Of Switch On Way Work On 3 Levels


We master our own emotions, increasing the passion and purpose that drives transformation whilst reducing the fears that accompany it. This allows us to have and lead continuous breakthroughs with courage and compassion.


We can elegantly and rapidly let go of the old beliefs and business models that are limiting us and no longer serving our world so that we can have massive breakthroughs in our consciousness that lead to tangible results in the world.


We are able to effortlessly break old, sabotaging habits that get in the way of our thriving; and in their place to build new habits and behaviors that enable us to be the change we want to see.

The Breakthrough Curve

The Switch On Way provides a rigorous and reliable pathway – The Breakthrough Curve – for personal transformation, disruptive innovation and the leadership of visionary change.

We believe this J-Shaped curve is the archetypal blueprint of transformative change – breakthroughs – in any human system, from the lone individual to the interconnected global political-economic system.

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Products Harnessing The Switch On Way

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