“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

The Next Level Of Systemic Change
“Intervention & ReInvention”


We are facing challenges of almost unthinkable magnitude and complexity. In this increasingly interdependent yet crisis-hit world, issues of poverty, precarity, climate degradation, and economic collapse are colliding to deliver a series of ‘perfect storms’ or ‘wicked problems’ that persist in the face of considerable intervention, innovation, and investment.

Through a program that brings together systemic interventions to shift the existing system and collaborative breakthrough innovation to design a better one—pooling investment, insight, intelligence, ideas, imagination, intuitions, and intentionality—it is possible to tackle the root causes of our most pressing problems and, in concert, shift us to a far more resilient and regenerative state.

Over 20+ years of research, experiment, and practice across all sectors, we have developed a behavioral and biological science-led, outcome-oriented, practice-powered, and wisdom-wired approach to engage diverse stakeholders to come together around a common purpose—and a sense of shared suffering—to land systemic transformation that opens up a regenerative future for all people and the planet.

    “Use their unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. Their ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public institution.”


Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Social Innovation

25 Years Experience Across All Sectors

Using our unique brain-based change methodology—Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice—we have worked with enterprises like:

“Intervention & Reinvention” Approach To
Systemic Change & Transformation

22+ Years Experience Designing & Delivering Systemic Intervention & Innovation Programs

100+ Projects: E.g. WWF, Oxfam, Green Building Council, NESTA, NHS, Intel, Genentech

Multi-Stakeholder, Lightly-Engineered, Outcome-Oriented, Purpose-Led & Practice-Powered Approach

Sophisticated 6-Stage “Intervention & Reinvention” Process Designed Around Culture & Context

Tools & Thinking Grounded In Both Biological Sciences & Wisdom Traditions

Practices To Build Embodied Wisdom & Cognitive Development To Unlock Co-Creation & Unblock Conflict

Regenerative, Interdependence, Social Justice & Sustainability Lenses Integrated

Purpose-Led & Interdependent Approach With Both Social & Ecological Justice & Regenerative Thinking Baked In From Start

Safe Yet Agile Systemic Change Process That Reliably Drives Collaborative Breakthroughs & Concrete Change Through Nurturing Both “Seed & Soil”

Capture the Hearts, Minds & Discretionary Time & Energy Of Diverse Stakeholder With Compelling Design, Branding, Optics & Narratives

Use Our Brain-Based Transformation Tools To Progress Project Outcomes and Unfold Emergence at the “Edge of Chaos”

Both Bottom-Up & Top-Down To Maximize Participation, Possibility & Reciprocity Without Instability & Implosion

Design & Sequence Powerful Brain-Based Interventions To Shift Existing System and Align Participants To Co-Deliver With A Shared Roadmap

Design Transformative Innovations That Leverage Exponential Digital Technologies To Forge A Regenerative System

Harness Participatory & Paradigm-Shifting Systems Mapping For Coherent Sense-Making & Orchestrated Change-Making

Harness Our Intrapersonal & Interpersonal Wisdom Practices To Unleash Co-Creativity & Unlock Conflict

Harness Advanced Space Holding & Field Building For Accelerated Trust, Resonance & Coherence—and Long-Term Collaboration

“At the forefront of thinking and practice about social entrepreneurship and systemic creativity.”


European Union Directorate

How Our Programs Work To Deliver

We do not design conventional offsites, workshops, or convenings with lots of talk, ‘interesting conversations’, some networking… and little scalable impact. We design highly-structured “LOOPP” processes designed to produce concrete initiatives and innovations implemented and scaled with as little risk as possible.

“LOOPPs” are Light-Engineered, Outcome-Oriented, Practice-Powered, and Purpose-Led processes that nurture both ideas/content and relationships/context to deliver in a creative tension between structure/stability and emergence/agility.

1. Avoid costly mistakes and burnt reputations by derisking your project by integrating context and content, full participation and intentional direction, social and ecological justice, individual and idea seeds and relational and contextual soil, bold interventions and imaginative innovations, cutting-edge science and timeless wisdom

2. Deliver tangible outcomes whilst designing for emergence at the "edge of chaos" using our LOOPP approach: Light-Engineered, Outcome-Oriented, Practice-Powered & Purpose-Led processes designed to produce concrete initiatives and innovations whilst allowing time for reflection, sensemaking, intuition, and genuine creativity

3. Hold a safe—yet structured and never overly-soft—space for exploration, learning, design, co-creation, experimentation, orchestration, and failure away from normal contexts so that participants can contribute their whole selves away from inter-organizational politics, intra-organizational immune systems, and everyday fears and stresses

4. Accelerate existing interventions and generate truly transformative inventions by harnessing our disruptive innovation tools & processes optimized for orgs like Unilever, Diageo, Microsoft & Nike—but adapted to deliver planet-ready, prosocial, and regenerative innovations

5. Deliver scaleable change that lasts well beyond the program by including some of our 100+ takeaway and teachable Transformation Tools, Action Learning sets, Peer-To-Peer Coaching, Communities of Practice, Personal Leadership Plans and our guided meditations, publications, and films

6. Include low-cost transformational coaching for all participants to increase interpersonal effectiveness, self-mastery, wisdom practices, resilience, goal-achievement & personal leadership with our Peer-to-Peer Changemaker Coaching Kit—which also acts to bond the group as a cohort, unlock co-evolution, and generate a shared language of transformation

7. Include diverse voices that serve the marginalized not just the privileged within a unified field of regeneration, harvesting the insights and ideas of stakeholders across the system—from the frontlines to supranational institutions—for accelerated coherence in sense-making, decision-making, and change-making; whilst proactively engaging resistors and seeking to break through barriers from the outset

8. Leverage our pioneering transformation methodology Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice®—which contains tools, techniques, and practices for heart-centered, science-based, and uber-practical self, group, and systemic transformation

“Engaged investors, start-ups, scale-ups, policy experts, citizens, and politicians in developing a coherent and compelling strategy and story for our region to play its full potential in the global technology space.”


CEO, Tech North

A World-Class Strategic & Systemic Change Process
From 25 Years Of Constant Optimization

6 proven steps to deliver systemic transformations through intervention and innovation

Harness 40+ Codified Tools To Drive Forward Innovation
Across Multiple Teams, Projects & Business Units

Rigorously developed over 20 years—and improved after every engagement—our toolset enables cross-functional teams to work in parallel to unlock innovation (alternating between divergent/creative and convergent/strategic thinking).

They allow organizations to amortize the costs of transformational innovation across many teams, projects, and business units—solving multiple customer- and user-led problems at the same time without wastage and over-spend.

The tools also serve to empower team members to become more innovative now and in the future—and avoid consultancy over-reliance.

E.g. The Future Operating Context Engine

E.g. The Transformational Challenge Definition Engine

E.g. The Breakthrough Innovation Engine

E.g. The 10-Year Innovation Roadmap Engine

“Brilliant theory and insights. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

More Depth & Details On The Theory & Practice
On Leading Systemic Transformation & The Regenerative Renaissance

A deep dive into how to master transformational innovation and leadership.

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