“Inspire wonder. As relevant to the newest purpose-driven startup as to the oldest public organization.”


Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Social Innovation

Partner With Us To Run Fully-Customized
Changemaker Capacity-Building Programs

Changing the world is the hard ambition a person can take on with their work. This is because it requires us to transform both ourselves and the systems we are part of for good.

With 20+ years of experience working with 70,000+ leaders and social innovators across the planet, we support changemakers to become truly transformational leaders—delivering truly transformational innovations into their communities.

Achieve Excellence With Our 20+ Years Experience Meeting The Expectations of World-Class Impact Organizations

Benefit from Our Experience Of 50+ Programs Delivered: WWF, Oxfam, Green Building Council, British Council, Arthur Guinness Foundation

Customize Your Program By Drawing From Our Unique “Cell to System” Conscious Changemaker Curriculum

Deliver Scaleable Change With Our 40+ Takeaway Transformation Tools & Toolkits

Use Programs To Accelerate Existing Projects To Deliver Measurable Outcomes

Build In A Practical Innovation Track To Deliver World-Changing Ideas

Include Step-By-Step Process & Toolset For Social & Systemic Innovation

Deliver Programs As Experiential/Real World, Virtual, Or Blended

Leverage Our Personal Diagnostics & Personal Leadership Plans

Spread Self-Mastery & Personal Leadership With Our Peer-to-Peer Changemaker Coaching Toolkit

Some Past Purpose-First Partners

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

Programs For Changemakers & Social Entrepreneurs
That Democratize Elite Leadership & Innovation Tools

Conscious & Sustainable Entrepreneurs
Social & Community Entrepreneurs
Purpose-Led Innovators In Business
Social Innovators Within Government & Non-Profits
Sustainable Innovators
Systemic Transformers
Regenerative Innovators
Transformational Tech & Media
Intentional Community
Change Accelerators
Purpose-First Venture Studios
Policy Innovators & Political Leaders
Conscious Activists
Human Potential Explorers

“Enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge of breakthrough proved invaluable in ensuring powerful outcomes.”


CEO, Green Building Council

Comprehensive Change Agent Development
Leveraging Cutting-Edge Neuroscience & Embodied Wisdom

Most changemakers fail to deliver on their potential. This is not because of a lack of willpower, ideas, or good intentions—but because of a lack of inner wisdom and unbreakable warriorship—as well as insufficient development of the skills and qualities needed to turn big plans into world-changing actions.

Burnished by years of experience working with 10,000+ changemakers on 4 continents in every sector, our change methodology, transformation tools, and leadership technologies turn intentions, energy, and nice ideas into world-transforming innovations and organizations.

Amplify Changemaker Breakthroughs That Land Tangible Impact Breakthroughs

Create Project Launchpad To Start New Change/Innovation Projects & Accelerate Existing Ones

Provide A Framework for Wise Sense-Making & Decision-Making In VUCA Realities

Provoke Mindset Shifts To Challenge Convention, Cynicism & Complacency

Focus Purpose-Led Action & Modelling Ethical/Sustainable Behavior Change

Brain-Based Assessments, Personal Leadership Plans & Fieldwork For Maximum Participation

Rapidly Build Emotional Intelligence, Refine Embodied Wisdom & Expand Consciousness For Optimal Impact

Human-Centered Program Design For Measurable Impact, Cultural Fit & Stickiness

Teachable Takeaway Tools /
Virtual, Physical & Blended Learning Labs

Exciting, Playful & Multi-Sensory Experiences That Spark Curiosity & Embody Transformation

“Hugely well informed and provide amazing insights in a simple, elegant, and engaging style that everyone hugely enjoyed. I consider them a genuine thought leader in the field.”


Chief Executive, Scottish Institute for Enterprise

Leverage Our World-Class “Cell-To-System” Curriculum
From Self-Mastery to Systemic Change

We work with you to customize a program that fits your organization’s purpose, context, culture, system, history, and ambitions
—harnessing cutting-edge content and practices from our 6 cutting-edge modules.

Each module can be entirely stand-alone, or they can be experienced in sequence as a comprehensive and complete Accelerator Program.

“Engaged with a diverse and large audience of civil servants using a range of multi-media techniques. They were engaging, humorous, and also strategic. The audience was enthused and went away with a strong commitment to delivering new collaborative and innovative approaches.”

Director of Strategy, UK Government

Scale Self-Mastery & Empowerment By Including
Our Pioneering Peer-To-Peer Changemaker Coaching Kit

Accelerate your everyone’s impact through transformational coaching—delivered with a colleague, collaborator, or friend.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the toolkit. The peer relationship, the neat presentation, the way it all meshes together that this is a truly ‘disruptive’ social technology. So, thank you!”

Social Entrepreneur & Leading Sustainability Activist


Harness 40+ Codified Transformation Tools

Painstakingly developed over 20 years—and improved after every engagement—they enable cross-functional teams to alternate between divergent/creative and convergent/strategic thinking.

They also allow you to amortize the costs of transformational innovation across many teams and business units—solving multiple problems at the same time without wastage and over-spend

The tools empower and upgrade teams to become more innovative—and avoid consultancy over-reliance

“Had the most profound effect. I am astounded at the speed of change.”


NHS Leaders

Multi-Format & Multi-Media Experiential Programs

You have systemic expertise and organizational experience. We have a unique methodology, toolset, and media set.
Together, we can co-create a world-class and experiential program.

High-Intensity Transformation Training (Embodiment Practices)

Solo Explorations & Inquiries

Confidential WhatsApp/Signal Groups

Transformational Leadership Assessments & Diagnostics

Personal Leadership Development Plans

Transformational Movie Watching

Leadership Masterclasses

Leadership Masterminds

Leadership Engines (Codified Transformation Tools)

Transformation Tracks (Audio)

Transformational Coaching Sessions (Using Our Toolkit)

Transformation Tasks (Project Fieldwork)

“I have been blown away. I am so inspired to see empower the team and help them develop and blossom in their roles.”


British Heart Foundation

Based On Hard-Won Insights From
The Frontlines Of Systemic Change

A deep dive into how to master the science, art, and craft transformational leadership.

“Inspiring transformational process – but also practical too.”


Commissioner, BBC Learning & Mental Health

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