“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg’s

Featured In

Strategic & Systemic, Exponential Value-Creating
Transformational Innovation Programs

20+ Years Experience Delivering Disruptive Innovations
100+ Projects: Microsoft, Tesco, Vodafone, Diageo, Unilever, Virgin
6 Stage World-Class Proven Innovation Process
40+ Transformation Tools To Empower Intrapreneurship & Collaboration
4th Industrial Revolution Tech Expertise: AI to Blockchain
Regenerative, Purpose-Led & Sustainable Innovations

“Inspirational yet incredibly strategic with long-term exponential value creation.”


Head of Mobile Division, Microsoft

25 Years Experience Across All Sectors

Using our unique brain-based change methodology—Bio-Transformation Theory & Practice—we have worked with enterprises like:

“Both a compass and a Gale Force 9 wind!”


Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco

The Next-Level Of Innovation Consulting

Most corporate innovation programs fail.

We have developed a high-touch and people-led approach to ensure your innovation efforts reap the rewards they deserve.

Safe Yet Agile Process That Reliably Causes Creative Breakthroughs

Leverage Exciting Digital Technologies To Disrupt Your Market

Foresight, Scenario Planning, Future-Scouting & VUCA Sense-Making

Deep Customer & Consumer Insights Unlock Exponential Value-Creation

Purpose-Led With Sustainability (UNSDGs) Baked In

Brain-Based Tools For Maximum Creativity & Participation

Capture Stakeholder & Customer Hearts & Minds With Design & Brand Thinking

Turn Your Internal Change Agents, Intrapreneurs & Collaborators Into Innovation Champions

 Codified & Teachable Tools For Employee-Led Innovation Culture & ‘Smart Experimentation’

Proactive Stakeholder Management, Investment-Readiness & Innovation Storytelling

“Extraordinarily rigorous and strategic—yet also had a creative passion that led to breakthrough ideas designed to serve new customer needs.”


Brand Director, Virgin Atlantic

A World-Class Strategic Innovation Process
25 Years Of Optimization

6 proven steps to deliver transformational innovations to your organization.

“Felt like pouring raw ‘idea ingredients’ into a machine—and very real and exciting innovations being shaped and processed out the other end… in our case, a step change to what we do.”


Managing Director, Lendlease

Some Key Benefits Of Our Unique Process

Generate breakthrough/disruptive innovations—as well as incremental improvements—with a 3-10 year innovation roadmap to deliver immediate wins and long-term transformations

Identify and innovate into new customer needs and pain points before your in market and out of market compotitors do—generating exponential value and impact

Maximize your innovation investment by driving forward multiple project teams towards exponential value creation within one program—derisking innovation and amortizing costs

Unlock a long-term innovation culture whilst avoiding the many pitfalls of corporate innovation—inertia, fear of 'failure', legacy mindsets, underfunding, groupthink, blame games etc

Systematically and rigorously interrogate possible futures—and leverage 4th Industrial Revolution technologies to design the future you want

Harness the insights and ideas of employees and partners to improve outcomes and implementation success—whilst boosting engagement and talent retention

Find, galvanize, and upgrade 'intrapreneurs' and innovation champions—whilst proactively managing senior budget-holders with timely and appropriate progress reports

Drive innovation from an authentic and regenerative business purpose—to mitigate rather than exacerbate global risks like climate change and inequality 

“Uniquely combines deep systemic thinking, an expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF


Harness 40+ Codified Transformation Tools

Painstakingly developed over 20 years—and improved after every engagement—they enable cross-functional teams to alternate between divergent/creative and convergent/strategic thinking.

They also allow you to amortize the costs of transformational innovation across many teams and business units—solving multiple problems at the same time without wastage and over-spend

The tools empower and upgrade teams to become more innovative—and avoid consultancy over-reliance

“Brilliant theory and insights. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

Hard-Won Insights From
The Frontlines Of Disruption

A deep dive into how to master transformational innovation and leadership.

    “Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. As an innovation guru, his ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”


Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Innovation

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