“Huge impact! Outstanding framework and powerful tools.”


President, Kellogg’s

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“Amazing, amazing feedback from our global leaders!”


HR Director EMEA, Intel 

Our Consulting & Advice:
Supportive & Challenging
Brain-Based & Creative

Future-Fit People Strategies

Organization Operating System (O.S.) Upgrades

People As A Platform

Leveraging Learning Management Software

Employee Value Proposition Innovation

Leadership Model Development

People App & Software Design & Innovation

Learning Needs Analysis

Learning Design

Becoming A Learning / Developmental Organization

Organizational Design Breakthroughs

Beyond Hierarchy People Models

Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring

Upgrade User Experiences of Learning Management System

Design & Deploy Diagnostics

Toolkit Design & Development

Communities of Practice

Leadership Team Observation & Analysis

Culture Design & Interventions

Coaching Programs & Cultures

25 Years Experience Across All Sectors

Using our unique brain-based methodology—Bio-Transformation®—we have worked with enterprises like:

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”



Consulting To Challenge Not Confirm
Advice To Inspire Not Box Tick

Develop and implement future-forward people strategies and interventions

Nurture and draw out the latent creativity in your OD & HR people

Coach, support, motivate, and inspire core team members to make their boldest and bravest ideas happen

Leverage the very best in innovation and design thinking techniques for OD and People innovations

Challenge out-dated assumptions and provoke next-level thinking

Bring forth coherence and unity out of complexity and diversity

Expose you to ideas and learnings from other organizations and sectors

“Switch On’s transformational leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild momentum and align as one team.”


SVP, VMware

Harness 100+ Takeaway & Teachable
Tools For Distributing To Leaders

Painstakingly developed over 20 years—and improved after every usage—these codified, 1-page tools enable individual leaders and cross-functional teams to harness the depth and reach of our leadership thinking to unlock change with minimal risks and mistakes.

E.g. The Leadership Purpose Engine

E.g. The Team Transformation Engine

E.g. The Smart Experimentation Engine

E.g. The Collaboration & Co-Creation Engine

“Uniquely combine deep systemic thinking, an expert knowledge of human behavior, and a strong creative flair. And lots of fun to work with!”


Director of Change, WWF

Multi-Format & Multi-Media Design & Experiences

You have the industry expertise and organizational experience. We have a unique methodology, toolset, and media set.
Together, we can co-create a world-class program experience that blends online and offline learning and reflection.

High-Intensity Transformation Training (Embodiment Practices)

Solo Explorations & Inquiries

Confidential WhatsApp/Signal Groups

Transformational Leadership Assessments & Diagnostics

Personal Leadership Development Plans

Transformational Movie Watching

Leadership Masterclasses

Leadership Masterminds

Leadership Engines (Codified Transformation Tools)

Transformation Tracks (Audio)

Transformational Coaching Sessions (Using Our Toolkit)

Transformation Tasks (Project Fieldwork)

Include Some Of Our "On Demand" Interventions

Pre-Recorded Courses

On-demand course content from across our curriculum to scale to many leaders at lower cost; translate into other languages for better uptake; provide rapid onboarding and upskilling; and allow users to engage in their own space and at their own pace across timezones.

Our Diagnostic & Personal Leadership Plans

360° evaluation across 12 skills and 12 qualities that unlock transformational leadership. We use the data to measure program impact and design further interventions—whilst each leader is supported to develop their own learning plan to evolve further and faster.

The Leadership Coaching Kit

A 100% digital “plug and play” coaching toolkit designed, tested, and improved over 15 years to be used by any leader to step up with self-mastery and self-transformation. Provides 6 sessions of leadership coaching to experience with a colleague—which deepens connections and bonds cohorts across space and time.

Embodied Leadership Practices

Brain-based and music-activated guided meditations & movement practices to support leaders to master the “inner game” of their leadership: from courage to commitment; from customer/team empathy to sensing the mood of a system.

Pocket Guides

Printed or digital pocket guides that remind leaders of specific ideas, thinking, and language from leadership development sessions. Designed to be used in the “hot” micro-moments of everyday work where all true leadership plays out.

Leadership Scripts

Printed or digital scripts that guide leaders through challenging discussions and dialogues with reports, colleagues, and stakeholders. Designed to be used live in conversations to rewire the brain and shift language patterns to deliver truly transformative outcomes each time.

“Brilliant theory and insights. The value of the transformation tools was spot on. Thank you!”


Senior Vice-President, SAP

Find Out More About Our Hard-Won Transformational Leadership
Insights From The Frontlines Of Disruption

A deep dive into how to master the science, art, and craft transformational leadership.

    “Use their unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder. Their ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”


Special Advisor, President Obama
Former Head Of White House Office of Innovation

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