What is Spirituality?

Spirituality in, in our view, a sense of deep connection with other people and the nature we live in and are part of. If we sit with this connection, meditate and contemplate on it, this connection can become very strong and allows us to feel part of one thing, the universe, rather than separate from it.

Often people call the feeling of connection “love”: love for ourselves, for all humans, for all of nature. That’s the nubble. In time, with practice, this feeling of bounteous love helps us chill out, forgive people, grieve for loss of loved ones, fill up the holes of self-esteem within, heal traumas of commission and omission.

Ultimately this sense of connection/love shows up as our “purpose” in life and leadership: which is always to serve others and give back to the whole in some way.

Love-in-action, as intuition and insight, then guides us to act in the moment without having to rely on external rules / dogma for guidance. We know what to do; just as we know what to do when a child falls over and hurts themselves. We don’t need an ideology to tell us.

So, in our view, spiritual practice just means bringing more of this love feeling to more people than our family; and to more things than our stuff: to others, to the Other, to the planet. And then we change how we behave: how much we pay people, how much we want to acquire riches, how we speak to people different to ourselves.

For us, spiritual inner work and social outer work are one thing, not two.

So how do we become more spiritual?

You can use Bio-Transformation Theory®; which fuses the very latest brain science with profound spiritual wisdom and practical psychology. BTT (also called The Switch On Way) consists of a methodology for healing trauma and suffering in our lives and creatively solving seemingly intractable problems; an extensive leadership curriculum (covering conscious, purposeful, creative, inspirational, collaborative and systemic leadership); 90+ proven and printable transformation tools; and 40+ brain-based transformation practices that have inspired over 5 million people worldwide to change their hearts, minds and habits as fast as possible

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