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In our volatile and uncertain world, no product, process, business model or leadership style stays successful for long.

The need for constant agility, adaptability, pace, purpose and courage – and so expanded consciousness – is the greatest challenge that everyone faces in the 21st Century.

Award-winning, Cambridge-educated professional speaker Nick Jankel has spent 25 years cracking the code of transformation to ensure leaders can rise up to wrestle breakthroughs from the jaws of chaos and complexity.

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    Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire wonder.


As a leadership and transformation guru, his ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.

Former Special Advisor, Barack Obama. Director, White House Office of Social Innovation

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Excellent presentation. Very thought provoking and exactly what we wanted.

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The Financial Times

Royal Bank of Scotland


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London Business School


The Economist

The European Commission

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An outstanding presentation.


Business Speaker Topics Include:

Agility & Adaptability
Collaboration & Co-Creative
Accelerating Culture-Change
Conscious Leadership
Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship
Conscious Masculinity
Millenials & Gen Z
Leading in the Complex & Chaotic World
Turning Constant Change Into Exponential Value
The Future of Work
Innovating in the 4th Industrial Revolution
The of Future Of Cities
The Future of AI & Automation
Disruptive & Incremental Innovation
Conscious Innovation
Purpose in Business & Leadership
Diversity As A Driver Of Innovation
Business Storytelling
Transformational Businesses


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Keynotes Designed To Transform

A former elite medic, Nick draws on the latest neurobiology to show that every audience member was born for breakthrough but that old beliefs, habits and fears get in their way.

He uses enlightening insights, case studies and real-life stories from his own rich experience to empower creativity, plants seeds of change and provoke people to switch on.

He customizes every talk around each client’s needs and sector and has over 70 proprietary tools and experiential exercises to drive maximum transformational impact on the day.

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If you would like to talk with us about how Nick could create impact and transformation for your audience, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Enlightening and inspirational.


Nick's Expertise

Purposeful Leadership

Leading in Complexity & Chaos

Leadership Purpose

Business & Enterprise Purpose

Leadership in Challenging Times

Making Ethical Decisions

Moral Intelligence

Conscious Leadership

Leading Personal Transformation

Resilience & The Leadership Edge

Mastering Emotions, Energy & Time

Executive Presence

Self-Care, Wellbeing & Thriving

Emotional & Embodied Intelligence

Systemic Leadership

Leading Ecosystems

Sense-Making & Insights

Systemic Change

Futures & Scenarios

Holding Space

Empathic Intelligence

Creative Leadership

Leading Breakthrough Innovation Adaptability & Emergent Strategies

Designing Exponential Innovations

Innovation & Fail-Forward Cultures

Sustainable Innovation

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Creative Intelligence

Influential Leadership

Leading Through Influence

Story Design & Storytelling


Crafting & Communicating Vision

Intentionality & Inspiration

Activating Networks

Social Intelligence

Collaborative Leadership

Leading Collaborative Projects

Leading Open Innovation & Co-Creation

Designing & Empowering Teams

Motivation & Incentivization

Inspiring Communication

Conflict Transformation

Collaborative Intelligence

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If you would like to talk with us about how Nick could create impact and transformation for your audience, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Summary Speaker Bio

Award-winning, Cambridge-educated thought leader (and serial entrepreneur) Nick Jankel develops original ideas and powerful tools to ensure organizations and their leaders can metabolize change and turn it into exponential value and breakthrough impact.
Nick is not simply interested in what the future holds but how we can all forge a thriving future with conscious leadership and innovation.
Nick inspires people with the limitless opportunities on offer within the networked age – from disruptive business models and org cultures to future cities and styles of leadership – as well as how to leave behind industrial-age thinking to become agile and entrepreneurial enough to seize them.
He warns that those that don’t switch on like this will fail their own future due to unstoppable change.

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