Transformational Leadership Development Programs

Neuroscience-based leadership programs that develop transformational leaders who take charge of change to land outstanding immediate results and long-term transformation in complex and challenging times

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Our Transformational Leadership Development programs enable your leaders to take charge of change by expanding their mindsets, skills, tools, and qualities to match the fast-changing VUCA world—so they forge the future of your enterprise and don’t fail it.

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Outstanding framework and powerful tools. Huge impact!

President, Kellogg’s

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A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.


Core Benefits & Differences
Of Our Programs

Unlock the power of transformational leadership to ensure short-term success and long-term survival

We help your leaders engage without fear in the fast and furious VUCA world  and empower them to transform external change into strategies and actions that create value immediately—and restlessly seek ways to shift your business away from Industrial Age thinking towards a Digital Age model with a customer-centric leadership culture that responds in real-time to the world around it

Activate next-level leaders that can move beyond management to lead and land innovation & change

Ensure your leaders step beyond the limitations of best-practice management thinking so they can invent next-practice by being relentlessly innovative and restlessly ambitious—empowered with processes and tools to lead strategic innovation and change processes

Empower leaders to build high-performing teams that can deliver transformation as well as Business-As-Usual

Ensure your leaders can build, incentivize, motivate, and inspire diverse and cross-functional teams that work collaboratively to adapt strategies and tactics—and deliver innovative products and services—as times change

Unleash leadership purpose to attract and retain the best talent (whilst ensuring your leaders stay ahead of automation)

We enable your leaders to find their purpose and connect it to the business purpose so they can attract and retain the most talented team members whilst play their part in recalibrating our world towards a more sustainable and regenerative economy—this also ensures they they develop skills and qualities that cannot be automated by AI

Leverage leadership development programs to solve tough business challenges

Use your investment in leadership development programs to support your leaders to have tangible breakthroughs in how to deliver extraordinary results in their areas of work. We provide world-class innovation and strategy tools from our arsenal to help them tackle live challenges with accelerated agility and strategic ambition

Leverage the latest neuroscience to break through cynicism and complacency to engage leaders in self-mastery

Founded by a former Cambridge-educated medic, we harvest the latest brain and behavioral sciences to develop our leadership content, tools and hacks—so we get even the most skeptical leaders to work on their emotional mastery and skills at generating empathy, connection, and psychological safety

Accelerate agility, unlock uncertainty, ignite inspiration, and expand engagement to drive lasting change

Radically amplify the consciousness of your leaders so they grow their self-awareness, responsivity, empathy, co-creativity, sense-making and space-holding skills to always remain resilient and resourceful as they ensure that their team members feel safe, seen and heard

Rigorously measure the impact of your programs to prove the business case

Discover the strengths and weaknesses of your leaders across 24 key skills and qualities for next-level transformational leadership and measure the impact of interventions across both mindsets and behavior changes—and ensure your vision for people is at the heart of the future strategy

The transformational leadership framework is very inspiring and impressive. It stimulated our senior leaders to rebuild the momentum and align as one team. Thank you again for your guidance and facilitation!

SVP, wmware

Customize Your Next-Level Leadership Program

We work with you to take selected elements from our extensive transformational leadership curriculum to respond to specific and urgent business needs as well as longer-term challenges

Profoundly inspiring, utterly challenging and radically useful.

CIO, Global Tech Company

Access World-Class Neuroscience-Based
Content & Tools

We have 30+ days of cutting-edge content containing thought leadership, teachable tools, wisdom practices, and leadership hacks across six key areas of transformational leadership.

Purposeful Leadership

Leading Purposefully In A VUCA World
Existential Risks & Exponential Technologies
Regenerative Business & Connected Capitalism
Leadership & Enterprise Purpose
Data-Driven & Wise Decision-Making
Ethics & Our Moral Compass
Existential Intelligence

Conscious Leadership

Leading Change Within Ourselves
Accelerating Agility & Adaptability
Ownership & Growth Mindsets
Managing Moods, Energy & Time
Overcoming Overwhelm
Resilience, Self-Care & Wellbeing
Vulnerability & Coaching
Integrating & Embodying Change
Emotional Intelligence

Systemic Leadership

Leading Ecosystems
Collective Sense-Making
Engaging In Chaos & Complexity
Customer Insights & Intuition
Futures & Scenarios
Theories of Change
Whole Systems Change
Designing “Create & Control” Organizations
Generative Spaces & Communities
Holistic Intelligence

Creative Leadership

Leading Innovation & Change
Disruption & Breakthrough Innovation
Purpose-Driven & Sustainable Innovation
Innovation Cultures
Regenerative Business Models
Adaptive & Agile Strategies
Design Thinking
Entrepreneurial Mindsets
Smart Experimentation
Fluid Intelligence

Inspirational Leadership

Leading Through Inspiration
Storytelling & Storycrafting
Ethical Persuasion
Crafting & Communicating Vision
Intentionality & Executive Presence
Changing Mindsets & Beliefs
Inspiring & Designing Behavior Change
Activating Networks
Influencing Intelligence

Collaborative Leadership

Leading Collaborations
Designing & Empowering Teams
Collective Decision-Making
Mobilization & Incentivization
Building Transformational Teams
Coaching & Communication
Conflict Transformation
Interpersonal Intelligence
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Inspired us to work on ourselves as leaders and lead the change!


Ensure Your Leaders Benefit
From Cutting-Edge Learning & Transformation Approaches

Shift Mindsets Fast With The Very Latest Neuroscience

Rich spark sessions and mini-keynotes that communicate big ideas, cutting-edge science and important wisdom to shift even the most cynical and busy leaders

Make Change Stick With Takeaway Transformation Tools

Most sessions include one of our 90+ innovation and change tools and leadership hacks and practices codified into printable sheets that turn ‘interesting conversations’ into impactful results

Go Beyond The Expert With Peer-Powered Interactions

Get out of expert-audience interactions by leveraging the power of peers to see blindspots, deepen dialogues, and challenge comfort zones

Prolong The Buzz & Maximize The Investment With Our Toolkit

Keep momentum after the workshop finishes with our toolkit that enables individuals to work together to transform in habits and mindsets together

Engage Busy Leaders With Experiential Learning

Make change stick by engaging your people in exercises, games, peer-powered conversations, music and movement based sessions and more

Change As A One Team With Conscious Leadership Circles

Circles of leaders engage in “big talk” with a set of clear principles, exploring the power of vulnerability, coaching, and active listening to change as a group

Embody Transformation By Rewiring The Nervous System

Turn words and ideas into lasting change in nerves and biology so people step up and embody their full leadership power

Optimize Outcomes With Elegant & Exact Design

Use our Transformation Curve model to design programs and interventions that consciously balance challenging and fresh content, powerful tools, shared experiences and crucially time to make sense, digest and reflect with peers

Amazing, amazing feedback from our leaders.

Global HR Director, Intel


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