Alison McAulay

Alison McAulay

Role: Co-Founder

Expertise: Practitioner of the Healing Arts, Embodiment Teacher, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Education Entrepreneur

Alison is a master practitioner of the healing arts, blending together Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Embodied Leadership, Kundalini Yoga and Movement Medicine amongst many techniques. Alison harnesses the latest insights from the biology and psychology of trauma as she channels exercises, movements and insights that enable people to self-heal - and self-coach themselves towards fully-embodied thriving lives.

Alison was an elite gymnast in the US National Team until her career was ended by multiple injuries. She transitioned into the arts as a contemporary dance teacher and choreographer in California studios and Universities and achieving success in the commercial industry. Still struggling with chronic pain and searching for more meaning, she engaged in various healing modalities and was utterly enchanted by the power of transformation and spiritual wisdom and she is pain-free today. She trained in trauma-based therapy and has since worked within the CA state prison system, Millennials at transformational festivals, top leaders at major tech companies and Chinese coaches in Shanghai.

Although she is an expert at hands-on healing, she is most passionate about scaling the tools and practices of transformation so that people can heal their own pain without handing over their own innate power to an expert. She is adamant that every human being has the ability to heal themselves from mental and physical suffering as long as they have the tools and practices needed. This mission is at the heart of her work as co-founder of Switch On.